Aaron Counter

Soft-spoken  and mild,  Aaron  Counter  doesn’t  strike you  as  a  standup comedian if  you  see  him  for  the first  time. But those who have seen him perform know very well that this cool customer has the capability grow on them. He comes through as subdued and overpowered in crowded comedy venues and bars, but his rock-solid confidence and  relaxed,  low-powered  delivery  slowly  casts  a  spell  upon  his  audience.  With  that  said,  he  may  not  be  your perfect comedian to perform before rowdy crowds, but he’s an internationally famed comic who just fits the bill for corporate events, private parties, and other decent forms of standup.

Born  in  Australia,  Aaron  became  famous  when  he  reached  the  final  of  BBC’s  New  Comedy  Awards  in  2005.  He came back to Australia after performing in the UK for some time. He is an accomplished radio artists and a proven standup  comedian.  Aaron  has  also  tried  his  hand  at writing  and has  written  a couple  of  radio  programs for  BBC radio.  He  never  fails  to  amuse  his  audience  by  his laid  back,  playful  style  that  sometimes  sugar-coats  his  acidic satire.  Aaron  is  a  smooth operator who  dissects  modern  life  at ludicrous  angles  to  have  his  audience  in  fits  and stitches.


Aaron’s  unpredictability makes  him  absolutely  hilarious.  His  cool,  calculated  comedy  style  draws  in  his  audience and mesmerizes them, only to break the spell when a bout of laughter escapes them. He is a crafty comedian who creates humor through his keen observation of modern everyday life, sometimes picking scathing themes that he disguises  well  beneath  his  soft  demeanor.  His  confidence  is  contagious  and  his  under-powered  delivery works perfectly well for more intimate settings. He would often pull a chair and start narrating his travel experiences or his take on everyday life, slowly growing on his audience.

His altercations with his girlfriend, the reactions he faces because of him being an Aussie, air travel, and modern life  are  some  of  the  topics  that  Aaron  regularly  uses  to  create  laughter.  His  amiable  and  engaging  manner compensates  for  the  lack  of  standup  vigor  that  underlines  his  performances.  He  likes  to pick  fresh  topics  all  the time,  so  some  of  his  material  may  still  be  evolving  when  he  takes it  on  stage.  His low-key  delivery  disguises  the rough edges of his comedy and makes the more cynical or offensive of his jokes palatable. Aaron Counter offers great value and is the perfect choice for intimate parties and upscale corporate events.


Apart  from  being  the  finalist in  the BBC  New  Comedy  Awards,  Aaron was  also  a  semi-finalist  in  the  2003  So  You Think You’re Funny. His performance in the Big Value Show in the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival was a huge hit. He’s also famous for his BBC radio program 28 Acts in 28 Minutes and has authored The Now Show and The News Quiz  for  BBC-4.  Timeout  calls  him  “always  amusing” and  BBC  Radio  says  he’s  “a  young  comedian  going  places”. Contact us now to learn about his schedule and booking.