Adam Hills

One really has to experience the brilliance of Adam Hills to be able to actually appreciate the sheer talent and spontaneous humor of this talented stand-up comedian. A true, blue Australian, Adam Hills is really passionate about his native country, and it shows through his work. Hills is a truly international performer, with performances in the UK, US and Canada, among several other countries.

Some people are born to make others laugh, and Adam Hills is of them. For a person who sees Hills for the first time, his mere facial expression, even before he opens his mouth, gives the impression of someone who is a naturally funny person. And of course, when he gets going, the non-stop humor just keeps flowing.

Adam Hill, was born in 1970 without a right foot, and is now in his mid-forties. Adam lived in a suburb of Sydney, where his parents brought him up treating him like a normal child, despite his disability. He participated in sports, and from a tender age, learned to overcome the odds. In fact, when  Adam chose comedy  as a career and began to be recognized as a promising  stand-up comedian, he found that his prosthesis actually made a handy prop, and served as a focal point in many of his humorous deliveries. Adam Hill is also academically well-qualified, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication which he received in 1991.

Hill’s  disability  has  sensitized  him  to other  similarly  challenged  people,  causing  him  to  get involved  in  working  for several organizations connected with physical disabilities. In  fact, a considerable part of his audiences are made up of people with physical disabilities and Hill often has a sign language interpreter alongside as he performs. Adam Hill presents the lighter side of being physically challenged, warming the hearts of people with such issues.

Since his debut performance at the Sydney Comedy Store in 1989, Adam Hill was an instant success and there was no looking back. He is well-known for his solo shows at the Adelaide Fringe Melbourne Comedy Festival, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe. Having performed at Aspen,  in  the  US  Comedy  Arts  Festival,  he  has  the  unique distinction  of  being  the  only Australian comedian to perform there. By the 1990s, Hill had become well-established in live stand-up comedy, and he toured internationally in ten solo shows of “Stand Up and Deliver” in 1997.

In 2007-2008, Adam Hill performed before what was probably his largest audience till date with the “Spicks and Specks” show, and in a live performance he performed in front of over 75,000 fans. The list goes on and on.

Adam Hill takes ordinary, mundane scenarios of everyday life and injects a hilarious flavor into them. He has also been recognized for his exceptional talent through the several national and international awards that he has received such as the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival, and in 2007, he was presented with GQ Magazine’s ‘TV Personality of the Year” Award.

Adam Hill is a regular figure on national and international television channels. Among other significant achievements, he has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and addressed the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008.

So, how do we sum up this talented Aussie comedian? It’s put over quite neatly in a Tweet by “Dirty Den@Devillo” who says, “So, Adam Hills is pretty much my fave presenter since the Olympics…Freaking LOVE this man.”