Andrew Wolfe

When Andrew Wolfe goes berserk on the stage, you lose all control over your laughter. The charming madman of Australia is an accountant by profession, but don’t let that fool you. By the time he’s through with his act, you’ll have tears streaking down your cheeks and a big cramp in your stomach. Wolfe knows no boundaries when he’s on stage.  He  takes  on  the  glaring  foolishness  of  life that  we  take  for  granted,  revealing  hilarious  aspects  with  his incisive wit. Don’t expect him to go easy—this one here is fearless and unabashed.

For all his abnormal talent, this young man is still making his mark in the comedy industry. Pitched against the big boys, he knows he needs to pull something different if he wants to be recognized as a top comedian. That’s why he makes  it  a  point  to  bake his jokes fresh  and  serve them  hot  through  his  rapid  fire  delivery.  You’ll  hardly recover from one belly aching gag when another rib-tickling punch line hits. Andrew Wolfe is in high demand because he comes with a history of packed halls and thunderous gags. Contact us to learn about his rates and availability for your event.


No territory is forbidden for Wolfe’s style of comedy, but he makes his forays into tabooed subjects in good taste. He’ll leave  you  complete  awed  and  yearning  for more.  He won’t  refrain from  using  profanity  or  even  picking on himself  to  amuse  his  audience.  A  part  of  his  act  pertains  to  his  deadbeat  accountant coworkers  and  their  funny interactions. He’s a talented actor and can adopt and change stereotypes and personas with breathless ease. His funny bone is active even when he’s off stage, and you can often see him dishing out giggles to fellow comedians back stage.

As  you  might  have  guessed,  Wolfe’s  favorite  genres are  observation  and  characterization  with  a  strong dash  of blue and cringe comedy. He’s not perfect for a gathering of aristocrats, but bring down the hall when it’s packed with pedestrians. For a comedian who started performing in 2011, he has come a long way. It’s because his jokes are  so  funny  they  border  on  lunacy.  For  instance,  can  you  guess  what  his  dream  job  is?  He  says  it’s  to  be  the “bearer of bad news”!


Andrew rose to stardom after he reached the national finals of the 2012 RAW competition. He performed live to an  audience  of  1600  during  the  Melbourne  International  Comedy  Festival  and  ABC  aired  the  show  nationwide. Wolfe  was  famous  overnight  and  invitations  started pouring  in.  He  was  one  of  the  three  “Me’s”  in  the  Sydney Fringe  Festival’s Me Me Me,  which  became  hugely  popular  and  earned  him  the  reputation  of  being  the  “show stealer”.

He’s a regular at The Comedy Lounge and some other standup venues where he entertains street crowds. A born comedian  and  a  natural,  he  loves  his  work  and  continuously  improvises  to  keep  shooting  fresh  jokes  at his audience. He is already the lead artist at many comedy events and venues, and is definitely the one to watch.