Anh Do

The Melbourne Age 2008 titled him: “riveting and funny,” but Anh Doh is far more than just this.  He is a recognizable face among Australian comedians, though he was born in Vietnam and is Vietnamese by birth.  Still, he is one of the most sought after stand up comedians in his time and has the backing to show for it.  He has not only been on the “Big Screen” but he has written a best selling book title: The Happiest Refugee, which won the Indie book of the year award.  It also received the 2011 Dymocks Book of the Year award.  If this isn’t fascinating enough, he is a prolific public speaker high in demand across corporate events within Australia.

Anh has snagged numerous awards, with one happening to be the renowned Sydney Comedian Of The Year.  He is well known for his multiple creative abilities in writing, acting and producing, but when it comes to stand up comedy, he is a prolific comedian, bringing rounds of laughter from his audience at every performance.  Anh has had live television appearances as well, with some including: Thank God You’re Here, Rove Live, The Matty Johns Show, The Footy Show, Spicks and Specks, Seachange, Good News Week and All Saints.

There is no doubt that Anh can make people peel in laughter over his original yet hilarious scripts and stage performances, but he is also an amazing actor.  While he might be a terrible dancer, after his performance on Dancing With The Stars suggested, he still managed to make it to the final round with his beguiling charm and charismatic personality!.  It was with this success he devised his own TV show: Made in China.  He has also starred along-side Claudia Karvan andMatthew Johns in the 2006 Footy Legends.

He is a sought after stand-up comedian for many reasons, and you’ll find his material to always be entertaining yet clean and friendly for all audiences.  He is also viewed as a top corporate comedian and has entertained several corporate clients from The Commonwealth Bank and on to Hallmark Cards—and surprisingly IBM corporate clients as well!  Furthermore, clients enjoy his personality and entertaining ability so much he has been a consistent MC and comic for many companies who value the friendly atmosphere Anh brings to an evening of comedic entertainment.

Anh’s story is indeed a unique one, from his families struggles to get to Australia, to what he endured to achieve what he has; this has all made him the amazing comedian, writer, actor and producer he is today.  He has humor to suit all age groups and definitely isn’t one you want to miss seeing live!