Anthony Ackroyd

With 30 years of stellar performances, Anthony Ackroyd may well be called the father of Australian comedy scene. The celebrity comedian is a widely recognized face in Australia, thanks to his back-to-back appearances in some of the most successful comedy shows in the history of Australian television. His comedy career kicked off with the ABC’s hugely popular radio show The Big Gig. Since then, Anthony Ackroyd has written and acted in hundreds of TV shows, radio programs, movies, and live shows. He is famous like the devil himself across Australia and also internationally, and has worked with many global celebrities to produce massively popular TV shows and movies.

Anthony was the answer to a question on the game show Wheel of Fortune and is popular in political circles because of his legendary depiction of ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Anthony is the first choice of top corporate firms for their comedy events because he is not just a comic, but also an inspirational speaker. His famous keynote speech “Success is a Joke” shows business and corporate executives how they can find humor and introduce more laughter and energy into their jobs. Contact us to find out if Anthony is available for your comedy event and if he will say yes.


Ackroyd has been performing standup since the 1980s. The Sydney Comedy Store was his birthplace as a comedian, so he’s a standup street artist at heart. This gives him an intimate exposure to life as a common person sees it. He also knows exactly which strings to pull and which nerves to tickle in order to have his listeners giggle and laugh. He’s a versatile comic who can steal the show on his own through his hilarious monologue, and can dominate the cast when he has other artists acting with him. Over three decades in comedy give him mastery of the stage.

Anthony is unlike some of the new comedians out there who adopt a “no holds barred” approach to createlaughter. He’s mature, composed and always in control with his classic comedy brand that involves carry catching celebrities and politicians. His comic composition sometimes includes hilarious songs, dancing, and acting. A painfully funny writer, he depends on a strong script instead of explicit references and still creates more laughter and amusement than most other standup artists. His comedy can be flagged under character comedy and alternative comedy, with no sexist or embarrassing elements.


With hundreds of award winning performances and top rated comedy shows to his credit, Anthony’s CV is the dream of any comedy artists. His most popular TV show appearances include Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Video Comedy Store, The Midday Show, The Big Gig, Good News Week, Tonight Live, and many more. His most noteworthy standup comedy shows include Anthony  Ackroyd  in  His  Own  Little  World, At  Last  The  Truth  About Everything,  The  Fruit  of  My  Lions, and Ecstasy  and How  To  Get  It. He has starred in the movies Reckless  Kelly, Willful and Geno, and has worked with Hollywood celebrities like Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal and Rowan Atkinson.