Anthony Dobson

Anthony Dobson is one of those rare Australian artists who have been in the spotlight right since their teen years. Dobson  was  15 when  he  started  his  stage  career  as  a  DJ  at  Newcastle.  He  is  primarily  a  musician,  but  he comes with  lots  of  bells  and  whistles.  You’ll  enjoy  his  signature  announcements  and  a  decent  collection  of  funny  one-liners  that  he  floats  into  the  air  from  time  to  time.  He’s  friendly,  natural  and  highly  creative  when it  comes  to playing and mixing music to a select audience.

Dobson is your one man DJ, MC, technician, bar manager, and more. Hire him for your event, and you can pull off a great show at a modest cost. Anthony Dobson is a permanent fixture at the neighborhood weddings and a valuable addition  to  any  comedy event.  He  mixes  just  the  right  kind  of music  with  giggles  and  laughs  to  deliver  a  deeply entertaining  show.  An  extrovert  and  a  jack  of  all trades,  he  offers  the  best  value for  your money.  Contact  us  to book Dobson for your comedy event, wedding, dinner, or party.


Dobson’s comedic style could be categorized as musical, although comedy is just a small part of what he does. He is confident and knows how to manage the audience, so he’s your perfect MC if you want a great show on a tight budget.  He  can  easily  keep  people  entertained  in  between  the  sketches.  He  has  a  natural  sense  of  music  and knows what his audience wants to listen. He also knows when people have had too much music and can crack a few jokes to break the monotony. He is a street artist and you can’t compare him to a proper standup comedian, but he can be a good addition to your event. Having  been in  the  live  show industry  since  he was a  boy,  Anthony  is  a go-getter  for  everything  that  you might need  for  your  event.

He  can  double  as  your  MC,  event  manager,  DJ,  or  even  as  a  technician  who  can  fix the problems with the PA system. He is a professional public announcer and delivers key messages to the crowd in a relaxed and friendly manner, so he’s perfect for announcing the entry of the bride and groom at weddings. He also knows  how  to  involve  and  engage  the  audience  and  comes  prepared  with  some  trivia  to  entertain  the  guests. Because  he’s  in  such  high  demand  for  small  events  and  parties,  you  might  need  to  book  him  several  weeks  in advance if you want him at your event.


Anthony Dobson is a hot commodity for local parties and marriage ceremonies because he brings a lot more than music to the stage. He’s not a TV or radio comedian or musician, so he’s not as popular (and expensive) as some of the  better known  artists  on  our  site.  But  that  doesn’t  take  anything  away  from  Dobson  as  far  as  enthralling the crowd is concerned. Coll, casual and confident, he’s a welcome addition to your show!