Anthony Salame

Anthony Salame has been performing standup for about 10 years and has emerged as one of Australia’s most hilarious young comedians. He takes a soft and unenergetic start, never letting his audience guess what’s coming. Sooner than you know, his calm demeanor transforms into ludicrous lunacy as he adopts different personas to mimic popular stereotypes and bring the house down with laughter. The ease with which he switches from one character to another speaks volumes about his acting talents. He is fresh, audacious and extremely funny, and that’s the reason he always performs to full rooms.

Kicking off his career with a string of standup performance, he followed up with a few TV appearances to become famous on the national comedy circuit. Since then, his performances have been packing full rooms at national and international comedy festivals. An acid tongue, a sharp wit and keen observation make Salame stand out as a comedian.  He is  a  high  demand  for  parties,  comedy  shows,  weddings,  and  even  for  informal  corporate gigs. Contact us to learn more about Salame’s availability and rates.


Anthony Salame is an expert of character and observation comedy. His signature act involves depicting stereotypes from other parts of the world such as Serbia, Asia and the Middle East. He adopts different personas with absolute ease  and  brings  his  audience  to  sidesplitting  laughter  through  his  excellent  acting  and  dialogue.  A  standup comedian all the way, he knows how to amuse the masses and have them in stitches. He has an incisive mind that can pick up humor from the most mundane and routine things that everyone can relate to, and this is what makes him so effective as a comedian.

Anthony is a natural comic who enjoys making people laugh. His takes a rather timid start but goes on to roar and shout as he walks into and out of different stereotypes and incites people to laugh and clap all they can. He is defiant  and  provocative,  so  you  just  can’t  attend  one  of  his  performances  without  gathering  some  strong impressions and being rattled about your political views. He combines trademark Aussie humor with stereotypes from other parts of the world in his unique blend of comedy that defiantly stands out from the crowd of other comedians.


Anthony has performed extensively across Australia and has also toured New Zealand, Canada, the US and the Middle East. He brings truckloads of laughter to the stage, which is why he is in such high demand for high profile standup events. Just 10 years into his career, he has already performed alongside some of the world famous comedians including Pablo Francisco, Jo Koy and Maz Jobrani. He has an uncanny talent in hip-hop dancing and music, which makes him the director’s pick for music events. He has been the comic sidekick to LL Cool J, De LA Soul and Bobby Brown during their musical performances.

Anthony is a recognized face at the Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals. He was invited to perform at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in 2010, and has many TV appearances to his credit.