Asher Treleaven

Ironically expelled from the drama class for ‘not taking things seriously’, this Australian comedian is a high school drop-out who has defied all odds to become the comic legend that he is today. After dropping out of drama school, Asher graduated from The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). He is one of Australia’s most critically acclaimed comedians due to the sexual patter that dominates his stand-up comedy. On a personal side, this award-winning comedian dresses classically, speaks softly and is an absolute gentleman. With over a decade of experience, Asher is definitely in the business for a long haul.

Asher started his journey in 2003 as a circus performer. He was introduced into the world of stand-up comedy by Robin Ince’s infamous Book Club in the UK, where he worked alongside comedians like Stephen Merchant and Josie Long. On his return to Australia, he produced his first solo show in 2008 ‘The Cellar Show’, followed by ‘Open Door’ in 2009 and ‘Secret Door’ in 2010. Acting, too, bore fruit for Asher. His well-known movies are ‘Comedy Up Late’ (2013) and ‘Quentin’ (2005). When not performing to sell-out crowds, Asher and his wife book, perform and produce in ‘Comic Strip’ along with comedians from all over the world.


Beware; Asher Treleaven is definitely not the perfect comedian for your child’s birthday party! This is due to the abundance of sexual references in his comedy that makes it come alive. He mainly makes use of ‘Blue Comedy’ and uses irreverent language leaning towards sexism. Asher’s take on comedy is rather different from most other comedians. He will leave the audience with blushes and laughs.

This raunchy comedian is a professional at ad-libbing, so much so that no two Asher Treleaven shows are nearly similar. He makes extensive use of irony and exaggeration to criticize the stupidity or vices of people mainly in a socio-political context. Asher executes this in such a highly non-offensive way that guarantees roars of laughter. The unique blend of sexual comedy and slapstick humor topped with splendid improvisation is what best describes Asher  as  a  stand-up  comedian.  According  to  the  Three Weeks,  Asher is  ‘hysterical in  all  senses  of  the word’ whereas the Scotsman calls him ‘beautifully crafted and utterly unique’.


His  solo  shows  ‘Open  Door’  and  ‘Secret  Door’  were  both  nominated  for  ‘Barry  Awards’  in  the  Melbourne International Comedy Festival. ‘Secret Door’ got him nominated for ‘The Best Newcomer’ at the Edinburgh Fringe and won him the Age Newspaper’s Critics Choice Award. In 2010, Asher won the ‘Powerhouse’ award at theMelbourne Fringe Festival. He was nominated for the ‘Best Show’ in the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2009 and 2010. His other nominations include the nomination for ‘Best Newcomer’ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 and ‘Amused Moose’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013.

Asher has years of experiences of dealing with audiences of different origins which makes him a professional for all kinds of events. Contact us for more details.