Axis of Awsome

The Axis of Awesome is a trio consisting of Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo and Benny Davis who are an Australian-based comedy rock band. Formed in 2006, the band started its journey to the top by playing at a handful of improv-events  and  comedy  gigs  in  Sydney.  In  2007  the  Axis  of  Awesome  received  their  big  break  after  they released a few rap parodies lampooning the Australian Federal Elections. In the brief time that they have been together, the trio has proved themselves as a prominent asset to the comic industry and gathered a legion of fans all around the world. Apart from being stand-up comedians, Jordan, Lee and Benny also work as accomplished writers, composers, actors, sketch comedians and of course, improvisational champions.

Their  astounding  talent  has  led  Jordan, Lee and  Benny  to  have  toured  and  performed  to  packed  theatres in Australia, US, UK and Europe. Their song ‘Four Chords’ was an instant hit and became viral in no time. It is a medley of 36 well known pop songs which have been set to the pop-punk chord progression. The amount ofcreativity  and  imagination  that  has  put  into  their music  is  beyond  belief.  Bewildering,  mind-blowing  and implausible are just some of the words used by critics to define this extra-ordinary rock band.


The genre of comedy that the Axis of Awesome adopts is purely musical. This award-winning rock band uses a blend of music and comedy in order to instill fits of laughter. Their deep involvement in the improvisational theatre at the University of Sydney means that Jordon, Lee and Benny posses the talent of lateral thinking in executing their comedy shows.

The Axis of Awesome does not rely solely on pop parodies; instead they have produced a handful of original comedy songs. The highlight of their music is their satirical nature in which exaggerated irony is used with the purpose  of  ridiculing  people, mainly  celebrities.  Their  hilariously catchy  songs  will leave  your  jaw  aching  with laughter. The Age claims that the Axis of Awesome ‘had the audience in stitches, hooting for an encore’


The Axis of Awesome bagged the Time Out Award at the Sydney Comedy Festival for the ‘Best Australian Act’ in 2010.  On  their  first  ever Melbourne  Comedy  Festival  Show  in  2008,  they  were  honored with  the  prestigious ‘Moosehead Award’. Furthermore, they won the Time Out Award for the ‘Best Comedy Show’ in 2011. More recently,  the  Axis  of  Awesome  premiered  at  The  Sydney  Opera  House  with  their  show  ‘Songs  in  the  Key  ofAwesome’.  Their ‘4 chords’ song is one of the highest rated comedy videos on YouTube which has received over 20 million hits. The Axis of Awesome has released six albums of its own and given routine appearances on several blogs, television shows and radio. Their albums like ‘Scissors, Paper, ROCK’ and ‘Infinity Rock Explosion’ are terrific hits with audiences worldwide.

The Axis of Awesome have always remained high in demand owing to their unique style. Contact us now to get further details about this awesome rock band and to coordinate regarding their availability.