Ben Ellwood

Well  known  as  the  ‘Jack  of  all  trades’  in  the  comedy  circuit,  Ben  Ellwood  is  an  Australian-based  professional comedian, writer and dog whisperer. For him, comedy is blood borne. Ben’s grandfather was a victim of the Jewish holocaust who claimed that laughter and comedy is what got him going through all the hardships. After the passing of his grandfather, Ben made a resolution to try his luck as a corporate comedian. We’re glad that he stuck by his resolution because this guy has taken the world of comedy by storm.

He performed his first gig in 2005 in front of a full house at the Sydney Comedy Store. But it was not until 2006 that Ben was introduced into the big leagues. Since then he can be seen performing at all prominent venues and events  in  Australia.  Personally,  Ben  prefers  an  interactive  audience  over  an  uptight  one.  He  will  push  himself entirely out of his comfort zone and explore new limits in order to provide you with an experience of a life time. Get ready for some belly shaking laughs!


Ben  is  a  master  of  improvisational  comedy;  he  gets on  the  stage  with  a  vague  idea  of  what  he  wants  to speak about  and  a  few  pre-prepared  gags.  From  there  on  he  takes  the  show  forward  by  mere  creativity  leaving his audience in tears and stitches. Ben usually gets his ideas from every-day conversations with his friends and family when he is being naturally funny without trying. He recalls his first few gigs as being utter failures just because he used  to  invest  a  lot  of  time  and  thought  in  order  to  prepare  the  scripts.  Ben  believes  that  the  moment  he  gets bored  of  talking  on-stage,  is  the  very  moment  he  should  stop  because  dragging  a  show  on  without  enjoying  it yourself is futile.

Ben  claims  that  the  existence  of  thousands  of  comedians  means  that  originality  can  only  come  from  personal experience   not   from   scripted   performances.   His   main   sources   of   inspiration   are   his   understanding   and observations  of daily life.  Brutally  honest  and  sinfully  witty,  Ben  prefers  originality  over  perfection.  Owing  to  his unique  approach  towards  comedy,  this  stand-up  comedian  is  widely  loved  and  appreciated  by  fans  all  over  the world.


In his first year as a stand-up comedian, Ben became a RAW Comedy NSW State Finalist. In 2007, he participated in the Melbourne  International  Comedy  Festival’s  showcase  “The  Comedy Zone”  after  being  selected  as  one  of  the four  best  comics  from  Australia.  Ben  has  appeared  on  shows  like‘The  Green  Room’with  Paul  Provenza, The Urban   Monkey   with   Sam   Simmons   and   Stand-up   Australia.   Throughout   his   career,   writing   has remained  Ben’s constant  companion.  He  has  written multiple  educational  children  shows  like  ‘Kitchen Whiz’,  ‘What  Do  You  Know?’  and  ‘Pyramid’.  Furthermore,  he  is  an  organizer  of  ‘Phuklub’  which  is  a comedy art room in Sydney.

Ben  Ellwood  can  host  a  variety  of  events  ranging  from  product  launches  to  some  after-dinner  entertainment. Contact us for further information.