Bev Killick

Bev has gained attention from some of the biggest names among Australian comedians, all due to her unique ability to get people laughing and unable to stop.  She keeps the laughs rolling, making her a very authentic voice among well-known comedians today.  Bev has recently been the voice for “Aunty Mavis” in small animated film titled: “Little Johnny,” though she is involved in much more than this now and has been in the past.

Many might know her from her bosom presence with “Bosom Buddy of Busting Out,” where she performed as one of the Bosom buddies.  Bev also had a grand role in the infamous “Berlei Ad” affiliated with The Uplifting Tour of Australia, directly linked in with “Busting Out.”  Her well bosomed figure gets attention to, but it is her ability to get everyone roaring in laughter everywhere she performs that counts the most!

Bev has had opportunities other stand up comedians only dream of, having performed for more than 250,000 people by traveling with the sensational Puppetry of The Penis that has obviously gained her attention from critics and fans.  The producers of the show wanted her for her originality and true comedic nature.  Through this she has had appearances all across Australia, helping her name to become better known.  She’s also had the grand pleasure of working with Weird Al Yankovic, Gina Riley and Jane Turner with the production of Kath and Kim.  If that isn’t eye-catching enough, she held a panel member position with Beauty and the Beast, and has appeared as a guest on the famous show Pizza.

Many shows that Bev has performed in have been nominated for numerous awards, with one of these being Joker Poker.  This was nominated for a Green Room Award due to the innovation and originality that went into its creation.  You might have also seen Bev at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and her appearance on ABC’s MDA.  She is an amazing comic, and one you would be more than happy with at your event.