Brad Manuel

Brad Manuel is genius when it comes to magic, and his critics feel the same.  He is considered a class act, and a top comedian though he performs very unique acts.  Loretta Trott Genesys Wealth stated he was more than a performer—and he kept his guests well entertained with extra magic tricks and his willingness to keep them happy!  And, according to Barry Omundson with Cradle Mountain Water, Brad is one of the best entertainers they’ve ever used.  They say his ability to engage and interact is what underlies his success; and of course, he is extremely funny and great fun.  These are just two corporate businesses that find him to be above excellent.

You get a world-class magician and refined stand up comedian all in one with Brad, which is what makes the audience really go crazy.  Magic and comedy together is nothing more than dynamite!  His feature is titled “Mess With Your Head” and this is certainly what he does with creative charisma! He delivers that award winning, unique experience which has been in over 15 different countries.  Mystifying and hysterical are two adjectives that go well with his character performance, but perhaps COMIC GENUIS—as some see him is best.

Perhaps he is one of the few comedians who have actually had encore performances and continuous sell out shows too, with four very successful ones at The Luxor.  He actually went so bold as to perform in his underwear!  Bob Jane T Mart says he is an absolute delight and his performance was nothing less than exceptional.  Yes, he had the audience sobbing in laughter!  How does he do it?  He is a comedian/magician who consistently involves his audience in his act.  Brad can wow the corporate market and takes the International market by storm each and every time he is on stage live!

From his live and hilarious rendition of The Muppet Show, to other interactive comedy performances he provides to his audience, he gets you in stitches from the beginning to the very end.  It’s a fact he is an exhilarating entertainer and perfect host at all his events, consistently intertwining his gift with magic into his ability to make people laugh over the simplest of jokes.  Brad can work the pre-dinner crowd into a dizzying delight, and he can take this to the evening premier for his full standup comedian performance known as “Funny Tricks.”  Rest assured he will have your guests talking about you and the event you brought to them for a very long time!  He’s a true winner—a comedian you don’t want to forget about!