Brad Oakes

Brad Oakes is more than experienced when it comes to performing live, stand up comedy.  He is at the top of his game as a comedian, calling on more old-school style and well-scripted dialogue to engage his audience and get them spinning over in their seats in laughter.  People today like interactive entertainment, and that is the key—getting next to the audience and engaging them in the performance.

Brad’s stage name: “Bradford Oakes Oaxy” is as authentic as he is when it comes to working as a stand-up comedian.  After spending more than 20 years performing live comedy across Australia, he is a very versatile comedian.  Most see Brad as the best-of-the-best in Melbourne.  When he is not performing live or appearing on any number of television and radio shows he is writing.  Brad’s passion for writing and entertaining others is believed to be what drew him to stand up comedy to begin with.  He has appeared in shows like: Comedy Company, Jimeoin Full-Frontal and Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Brad loosens his audience up when he performs, no matter the environment.  He could draw a laugh from the tightest laced businessman!  Perhaps it is his honest love for comedy that makes him such an amazing performer, but he is definitely making ground across Australia and Internationally.  He continues to deliver hilarious performances at numerous comedy clubs and he continues to grow in popularity across the Australian comedy scene.