Brad Upton

Every once in awhile you’ll run across a comedian who can work an audience no matter how old the attendees are.  Brad Upton can make you laugh until you cry; without regard to your age or occupation.  For Brad, comedy is his life, and, he lives, breathes and sleeps funny! He is that, one-of-a-kind stand up comedian who will blow your mind, leaving you more than slightly choked up! There’s the chance you just might never recover from that permanent stitch in your side!

You might venture to say Brad is a master comedian, and can switch masks for the perfect occasion quite regularly—meaning he comes with versatility! Having been the past winner of The Las Vegas Comedy Festival and appearing at Caesar’s Palace for a special stint with the HBO Comedy Festival, Brad has proven his prowess to work a crowd.  To put this simply, Brad is a born natural when it comes to making people laugh.  While he is only 26 years of age, Brad has already performed in over 5000 shows—and though he was once a Seattle based comedian, he is now a well sought after stand up comedian across the globe.

The Seattle Times states that: “Brad has mastered the nearly impossible task of appealing to people from ages 18 to 80.”  He’s been the leading headline for numerous comedy clubs around America, not to mention on the International circuit.   He has been on the same venue as: Johnny Mathis, Kenny Rogers, The Smothers Brothers, Lewis Black, Joan Rivers, Dolly Parton, Rita Rudner and Tim Allen.

When talent, experience, relaxation and funny times are what you’re after, check Brad out—he is the golden ticket to comedy today!