Brendan Lovechild

Brendan’s passion for creating cartoonish images of those in his life was a clear sign he had one foot planted in the comedic realm and the other rooted in graphic art. As a 16-year-old living in suburban Sydney—his art was his escape from reality.  While his love for cartoonish art didn’t fit well in a business environment, he soon discovered he was perfect for live, stand-up comedy!  What is really relevant about Brendan lies in the fact that no matter what he has engaged in, he has somehow managed to keep art and humor in his life—enter in his career as a stand-up comedian.

Since his premier entrance into comedy in 2001, and starting off rough around the edges, he soon made a name for himself by creatively meshing his cartoon art in with his live comedy acts.  This has given him a string of credits, recommendations, nominations and awards through the years.  From 2002 to 2006 he performed and entertained in multiple places.

From the Woodford Folk Fest to his stint with Sydney’s Comedy Store to The Last Laugh Comedy Club and more, he has grown into a well-known Australian comedian.  He has performed in a variety of stand up comedy clubs, gaining quite a following through the years.  He’s also appeared on Stand Up Australia with this being aired nationally on JJJ radio.  Brendan has also worked with some of the best, some being: Kitty Flannigan, Puppetry of the Penis, Greg Fleet, and quite a ton more.

During the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, not only did Brendan perform amazing comedy shows, but also his cartoons added a delightful mix.  A display of his cartoons named him finalist within the Quick and Dirty Film Festival.  These were even shown on the cinematic screen at the Federation Square.  However, even before this, his cartoon work was featured in comedian like TV commercials for NSW State Lotteries and others, with some of these winning awards and nominations.

Brendan also released his first book in 2008, focused on his cartoonish character art with comedic jokes included.  Fellow comic Jimeoin described the work as “brilliant!”   Brendan can bring funny to you in a variety of ways, and not just through words but through animation as well.  He is rejuvenating as a comedian, with loads of talent!