Brendon Knott

Brendon started off in comedy in 2004 and has been making huge moves ever since.  Stand up comedy is an art that Brendon is naturally gifted at—in fact; making people smile just comes naturally to him.   Not only is he considered an extremely talented performer, but also he has the ability to entertain in a relaxed and very confident manner.  He is one of those comedians who takes center stage and keeps control of the room.  His audience stays riveted to him, which is always a good thing!

Bold and charismatic also describe him as a performer.  He is able to work his audience in even the most crowded or difficult of atmospheres.  Each time Brendon performs his aim is to delight and engage.  He certainly lives to make people laugh, and to obviously root himself as a bold and charismatic Australian comedian.  Since 2004, Brendon has done everything he has set out to do, establishing himself as a great comedian by coming in as a finalist in three national comedy competitions.

Brendon’s scripted material has also been broadcast across several television networks and included on several radio stations as well.  He has been described as the cooler version of The boy next door except with a little demonic twist, which creates an air of mystery and suspense about him.  He can easily cover a wide array of topics, and he feels comfortable doing so.  You’ll find him as a regular MC and in the support role in many comedy clubs throughout Sydney.

Brendon is the MC at two well-known comedy rooms too, and for good reason.  He creates an energizing atmosphere where his audience can be well entertained all evening.  His experiences within the 2009 and 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival have helped him to discover how to engage with any audience and within any environment.  This guy recognizes his own voice and performs with material that is genuinely hilarious!