Brett Sheargold

Some would say Brett Sheargold is the golden ticket of comedy, but could that be because of his last name?  Others venture to guess, it’s his unique ability to have the crowd hanging on to his last syllable that makes his comedic performances some of the best!  Maybe it’s because he has a past Hollywood history—it’s anyone’s guess, but the bottom line is he is a drawing card as an Australian comedian, and people want him.  If you remember the 90’s, you might remember seeing him as a regular MC at Sydney’s Harold Park, but then he has been in numerous comedy circles too.

You might find he has quite a cult following too, with other comedians coming to see him perform; perhaps to get tips from him?  Maybe Brett is just the flavor of the month in comedy, but he has a strong history and has growing popularity today.  Not only has he introduced for big comedians like Steady Eddy James O’Loghlin, Kitty Flanagan and Carl Barron—but also, and most importantly this was for their 1st gigs on stage, which says a lot about Brett.

Comedians want someone introducing them who have charisma and pizazz; Brett has both of these characteristics and more.  He’s had a huge influence over some of these comedians’ careers, and this is one of the biggest compliments a stand up comedian can get!  He’s even had Fine Arts student Tyrone Townsend develop a website of pictures and texts concerning his performances, which is a first for a comic.

Brett has had a taste of funny all over, and with big comics and actors too!  He has had acts with Robin Williams, Barry Diamond from Seinfield, Rich Hall, Jeff Stillson, and other well-known performers.  He also spent some time in Europe from 1995 to 96 and appeared on the GBR Network in Italy.  Even a University professor found it worthwhile to create a thesis about Brett’s many acts, titling it Don’t Shit Ya Selves.  This guy is that one of a kind John who can have you really living and laughing it up!