Bruce Griffiths

Bruce is a great writer, known well for this gifted talent—but he is so funny as well.  Funny is not the word for him, and not only does he carry a devoted following, but comedians turn to him for their jokes too!  When it comes to writing credits, he blazes the page; there is no one who can touch him in this area.  Just some of the work he has written for performers, actors and other comedians are those such as: The Glass House, Good News Week, Enough Rope, The Doug Mulray Breakfast Program, and yes, he has even written the newest material for the acclaimed “Mr. Griffiths.”

Bruce also worked with one of the stars at Seinfield “Jason Alexander” which led to a sell-out show on the Comedy Christmas.  The list of credits for him goes on and on, and for good reason.  Some of those he has worked with have gone on to create amazing careers, all thanks to the boost his writing gave them!  Many see him as that funny genius you are left talking about for days!  It’s like he has a never-ending list of gag jokes and funny commentary that keeps his fans smiling and nearly bursting over in tears!

It would be a mistake to miss him live as his talent is a true gift, in fact, an art that leaves fans anticipating what he is going to share next, and how he is going to share it.  Chortle says he is a brilliant comedy act!  Other fans say you have to see him to believe just how authentic he really is!