Carl Barron

Carl’s TV career became center stage in his life in 1997, landing him 50 TV spots and multiple credits throughout Australia and abroad.  This led to his ‘Carl Barron Live’ DVD release which did win the Australian DVD Awards and became the highest selling comedy DVD within Australian retail history.  From here, Carl began to delve into the world of stand up comedy.

Carl Barron is now one of the biggest names in Australian comedy, having shared the stage with many recognizable faces and names on the comedy scene!  Many of his fans and critics find him to be universally funny and unforgettable.  While he presents his comedy in a very candid manner, he leaves his audience with unique visions to not be forgotten!

This performer is a very accomplished talent, not only in Australia, but around the globe as well.  After having won the Comic of the Year and Best Up and Coming Talent—both in 1993, his career as a comedian has done nothing but go up.  With respect to his travels and his performances on the International circuit, he has appeared in: Australia, New York, L.A., London, South Africa, Ireland, Singapore, and far more.  Everywhere that Carl has appeared and performed have been superior performances as well.

Carl has headlined many comedy venues, and he has had major appearances at several comedy Festivals worldwide too.  This is one of the main reasons he is heavily sought after; both in the corporate world, on the television and radio circuit, and of course within the comedy club scene. Melbourne Press claims Carl to be one “asthmatic laugh after another,” and it’s true.  He is a born comedian and can’t make you laugh until you can’t feel your face any longer!

Carl can light your event on fire.  He is the only comedian to have a top 20 selling DVD 3 years in a row, and he is one of few who have had many of his shows win Best International Show at the N.Z. Comedy Festival. He truly has had astonishing achievements, and he can make you and your evening a truly inspiring, unforgettable event!