Cassie Workman

Cassie Workman is an experienced newcomer to comedy. Having previously performed under another name, Cassie recently transitioned; returning to the stage in 2017 with all the energy and enthusiasm of a newbie, but the command and finesse of a seasoned performer.

Cassie entered the public eye after winning Triple J’s Raw Comedy competition in 2009, going on to debut in Edinburgh, and the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Comedy Zone showcase for up and coming talents.

She performed her first full length show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2011. ‘Humans are Beautiful’ won Best Newcomer that year, touring the country before heading to Edinburgh Fringe. And she hasn’t stopped since. Proving a prolific writer, performer and storyteller, Cassie produced a full-length show every year between 2012 and 2015, receiving a seemingly endless offering of nominations, accolades and awards including Best Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe, a nomination for The Barry Award (best show) at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Director’s Choice award at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

After taking respite in 2016, Cassie returned to the circuit in 2017, with a stand up show – ‘Nothing You Do Means Anything.’ She has appeared on It’s a Date and Die on Your Feet for Channel 10, and her series contribution for the Tonightly Show with Tom Ballard –‘So You Think You Can Trans’ – has picked up thousands of views and shares online.

Since the beginning of 2017 Cassie has focussed on writing, as a freelancer on John Conway Tonight (ABC2) and as head writer on the (as yet) unreleased Aaron Chen Tonight for ABC2. She has also contributed to Tractor Monkeys (ABC) and publications as diverse as Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Tiger Airways inflight magazine Tigertails, The West Australian and The Music.

Her 2018 show Giantess was debuted at Griffin Theatre’s Batch Festival in Sydney, interweaving music, comedy, storytelling and illustration, while exploring the anguish of coming to terms with a gender identity that doesn’t match your body.

Cassie Workman is known for her heartfelt and emotive storytelling, her incisive wit, and ruthless deconstructions of the status quo. There is no other voice like hers in comedy today.