Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin is probably on top of the Australian industry of stand-up comedians right now. Having hit the jackpot very early in his career in 1998, he has been performing to packed houses for nearly two decades. He won the ‘Triple J Raw comedy award’ only 6 months after he took up comedy and has since been on a trajectory of success that just goes up and up. His venomous wit and deadly observation share the blame for his slanderous success.

Once a sailor with the Royal Australian Army, Chris rose to fame with his hit parody of the feminism-promoting song ‘bitch’, when he remixed it to ‘bloke’ in 2000. He is a distinguished comedian who’ll subvert any audience into sidesplitting laughter through his distinctive brand of observational humor. His pure comedic power makes him a regular performer at the grandest of stages. An hour of his time will surely make you laugh your heart out. Contact us for to find out more about Chris Franklin and book him for your event!


Chris Franklin has the ability to make you laugh at anyone or anything anytime he wants! You might want to be careful around him with your words, as he can twist and turn them to make a total mockery out of you. His parody song ‘bloke’, a top hit of 2001, hilariously changes the entire message of the feminist-anthem song ‘bitch’ and gives the listeners an exhilarating upshot of music and laughter. He is a predator when it comes to pouncing at opportunities and making serious situations seem ridiculously funny. His recognition in parody and mockumentary is indeed well deserved.

Chris is constantly on a run, performing at innumerable bars and shows throughout the country. Consequently, a big part of his act is bespoke and extempore, depending upon whether he’s performing in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, or elsewhere. His murderous observation of his surroundings and the people around him helps him come up with a dozen jokes in no time! Part of his act is influenced by his easy-go-lucky philosophy of life. Commenting on his obsession with the mullet style of his hair, Chris Franklin called it a part of his identity, explaining how he prefers to ‘look like the way he lives’.


You might have seen a lot of this guy in your TV lounge! After the hit release of ‘bloke’, Chris Franklin won the ‘PBS Radio Golden Storm Award’ for the best rising comedian, the runner-up at the Green Face National Comedy Competition, as well as double platinum sales and ARIA nomination for his song ‘bloke’. He was also nominated by ARIA for another hit parody single called ‘mullet head’, inspired by ‘gimme head’ by the Radiators.

Chris Franklin heavily features on TV shows and Radio. He has appeared on programs including The Footy Show, ABC Raw Comedy Special, Housos, Channel 31, Pizzas, The Headliners, The Bogus Hunters, Good News week, Live and Hunting, Recovery and Hit & Run. He is also a frequent guest at Radio 100.7 Rockshow with Wildyas as well as at numerous live shows at your nearest local bar!