Chris North

If  you  haven’t  seen  Chris  North  perform,  you’re  certainly  a  long  way  from  experiencing  everything  that  the  Oz comedy scene has to offer. Chris is a radio announcer cum stand-up comedian from Sydney who has proven to be exactly what the comedy scene in Australian seeks. Having worked as a telemarketer, cashier and a nightclub DJ, it wasn’t until serving the Macquarie Bank for 7 years that Chris realized his true potential as a communicator. With a vision to serve the Australian public at large with his abilities, he decided to become a regular MC and comedian.

Taking  up  to  stand-up  in  2001,  Chris  began  his  training  at  university  level  like  most  comedians.  He  started  his career  from low-profile gigs  and  worked  at  a  consistent  pace  to  become  one  of  the  most reputable  comedians  in Australia.  His  comedy  is  inspired,  inclusive  and  most  importantly,  uproarious.    Chris  is  also  recognized  nationally and  internationally  for  his  comedy  sketches,  parody  songs  and  writing  skills.  This  quick-witted  comedian  will definitely give you the experience of a lifetime.


Chris’  experience  as  an  MC has  enabled  him  to  intertwine music into his  stand-up  comedy.  His  parody  songs  and rap music have taken the comedy world by storm. Moreover, Chris is an excellent tap dancer. He uses these skills as  weapons  to ensure that  the  show goes  on without a  single yawn from  the  audience.  Chris’  work  in  Victoriana has revealed the depth of his talent as an accomplished musician, singer and tap-dancer. The Groggy Squirrel calls him ‘a seasoned performer’ whereas the Herald Sun believes that ‘Chris North is a lovable character whose timing and delivery is spot on’.

Like many comedians, Chris gathers inspiration for his songs and comedy from daily-life observations which usually come from his experience with versatile jobs. He arrives on-stage with a burst of energy that remains high till the end  of the  show.  Chris  is  highly  professional, resourceful and  talented  with  the  ability  to  take  control  of  assorted situations. While on-stage, he maintains flow and continuity which makes it easier for him to move from one gag to the next.


Chris  initially  rose  to  attention  in  2003  when  he  became  the  National  Runner-up  of  ‘RAW  Comedy’.  In  the  same year, his National Final Performance received a ‘Special Mention’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The year 1999 saw Chris as being the second person ever being appointed to the role of ‘Microphone Controller’ of Victoriana;  Australia’s  most  renowned  and  longest  running  theatrical  productions.  He  performed  to  sell-out crowds at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2010 and 2011. Chris’ credits in radio include his work with2RE/MAX  FM  in  Taree  and  as  a  Breakfast  Anchor  on  SEA  FM  Mackay.  As  a  writer,  he  worked  with  ABC Television for the shows ‘Sideshow with Paul McDermott’ and ‘GNW’. His prominent clients include ‘Toyota’, ‘AFL Queensland’ and ‘Australia Post’.

Chris  remains  high  in  demand  due  to  his  lovable  nature  and  lively  shows.  Contact  us  now  for  further  details regarding his availability and whether he’ll be suitable for your event.