Chris Tarakson

Expect yourself to be taken on a ride of madness, adrenaline rushes and fits of laughter. Chris Tarakson is a veteran of the comedy scene in Australia. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a complete know how of all the tricks that a successful comedian requires. Owing to his extensive experience and acute sense of humor, Chris has rapidly become one of the most respected and sought-after comedians in Australia. Being in the industry for a long time has allowed Chris to easily read his audience and alter his show to their liking. This makes him suitable for hosting a variety of events ranging from award ceremonies to fundraisers.

A graduate of University of NSW in Engineering, it was not long before Chris decided that electrical circuits were not his thing. Instead he was more interested in the comedy circuit. We’re glad that Chris realized his passion for stand-up because he has proven to be one of the funniest comedians in town. His dressing may come off as a little too colorful, but Chris describes it simply as a way of representing himself.


Chris’ way of dealing with the audience is not one of a typical comedian. He uses different ways and tactics to make sure no one leaves the theatre bored. His ability to read the audience helps him in achieving this. Chris is highly interactional while carrying out comedy which helps to break the ice and reduce the communication gap between him and his audience. He believes that people pay more interest when a conversation is two-sided. So be ready  to  tackle  questions  and  gags  pointed  towards you  at  any  instant  during  the  show.  His  talent  of  being hilarious about real life events that everyone can relate to never fails to hit the mark.

Having been a musician for over 30 years, Chris makes it a point to blend music into his comedy in order to bring life to his shows. The highlight of his music is its satirical nature in which exaggerated irony is used. His hilariously catchy music will leave your jaw aching with laughter. Chris prefers impromptu gags as opposed to rehearsed jokes. He comes on-stage with a hazy vision of what the show will be about and leaves the rest to his imagination. This  way,  Chris  promises  versatility  and  originality.  His  extemporaneous  one-liners  will  have  you  in  tears  and stitches.


Chris has had an enviable career studded with stellar performance around the world. He has presented hundreds of shows in Australia and more than 50 internationally in USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Asia. Chris’ exclusive form of entertainment has been licensed in 3 countries. He can be seen performing at all major events and venues across Australia. His hummable music and quirky nature has enabled Chris to gather a legion of fans worldwide.

He has lately started his own corporate entertainment company. Contact us for more details about Chris Tarakson and to coordinate regarding his availability.