Christine Basil

Christine is a passionate comedian, and fully dedicated to writing for major television networks, for numerous shows and exclusive projects; and she’s previously performed at the famous comedy club “Jongleurs” in London as the feature comedian for BBC4.  Further, Christine has successfully hosted on Fox and has been featured on Nova radio as well.  For over two decades, Christine has been working the stand up comedian circuit and remains a strong standing comedian among the best.

Not only has this Australian comedian gained raving reviews and soared to popularity—she has had numerous guest appearances at venues all across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London.

Due to the many ways in which Christine can adapt her entertaining skills, she has had the opportunity to be the opening act for several International comics, those such as: David Strassman, Greg Props, Johnathon Dylan Moran and has actually toured with natural comics like: Elliot Goblet and Bruno Lucia.  Christine is often an opening act at for Puppetry of the penis as well—illustrating her to be a multifaceted comedic entertainer who can wow the audience no matter what the environment might be.  Perhaps this is the very reason why she has performed in more than 10 UPFRONT shows for Melbourne’s International comedy Festival.

While Christine comes with multiple credits, the most infamous of these are: IMT (In Melbourne Tonight), Full Frontal and Skithouse and she has written and co-starred in ABC-TV’s  “One Size Fits All.”