Claire Hooper

Elegant, outrageous and sweet, Claire Hooper is one of the funniest, most dearly loved comics in Australia. Carved to  be  a  performer  by  her  vary  nature,  she  used  to  do  theater  for  kids  and  adults  even  before  she  became  a successful  standup  comedian.  Born  in  Perth,  she  has  started  her  comedy  career  as  recently  as  2004,  and  has already  become  a  respected  name  in  the  Oz  comedy  circuit.  When  Claire  is  coming  to  your  show,  throngs of spectators precede her and jam the venue before she has it bursting at the seams with laughter. Contact us now to hire this amazing artist for your comedy event.

Claire’s delightful sense of humor shines through every act that she performs. She has risen to fame because of her spectacular TV appearances in some of the most successful shows including Good News Week, Rove Live, Stand Up Australia, and The Sideshow. She’s a hot favorite among event organizers because of her widespread appeal and signature brand  of  standup that  always  exceeds  expectations.  A  celebrity comedian  of  sorts,  she  is  an unwritten warranty that your show will be a super hit. Now available for private events, corporate gigs, and club acts, she is waiting to hear from you. Get in touch now before she becomes too busy.


Claire Hooper exuberates contagious energy and charms the audience with her beauty and grace. She is still new to  the  comedy  stage  compared  to  some  other  artists who  have  been  performing  for  20  or  30  years,  yet  she successfully  holds  her  own  and  earns rave  reviews  that  place her right beside  some  of  the most famous comics. She comes to the stage carrying herself with a subtle elegance, looking casual, cool and adorable. She starts her act rather  timidly, looking  innocent  and charmingly  stupid.  Just  as  the  audience  starts  to  warm  up  to  her ways,  she gathers steam and takes everyone on a rollercoaster ride of giggles and fits.

Don’t let  her mild  demeanor  deceive  you.  This  fairy  can  turn  into  a witch  in  the  blink  of  an eye.  She is  devilishly bold can dissect complex social issues with hilarious precision, bringing the house down with thunderous laughter. She has her unique variety of disarming facial expressions that she uses masterfully to make people fall in love with her.  A  perfect  comedian  to  have  at  all  sorts of  events,  she  will light up  the  evening and  will  be remembered  for months and years to come.


Claire  Hooper made  an impressive entry  on  the Oz  standup  stage  by winning  the  WA  finals  of  JJJ’s  Raw  Comedy competition in 2004. She was selected to perform in the 2005 MICF’s live show “The Comedy Zone” and won the “Best  and  Fairest”  artist  award  at  the  National  Improvisation  Championship.  She  bolstered  her  reputation  and fame with her memorable performance in “Oh”, a live show in which she did not speak a word, instead relying on facial expressions, recorded audio, video, handwritten signs, dance, and mimes to get her message across.