Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore is a vastly talented comedian, actor and writer who is skyrocketing to fame because of his clean and refreshing  humor.  Armed  with  a  boyish  grin  and  one of  the  wittiest  minds  in  Australia,  Daniel  has  already performed beside the who-is-who of the Oz comedy circuit and has left a lasting impression. He has written top-rated TV shows such as Rove and The Glass House, appeared on super hit radio programs, and has performed at virtually every noteworthy live venue in Australia. Critically acclaimed as the future kingpin of Australian comedy and a talent on the rise, Daniel Moore is notorious for making his audience laugh so uncontrollably they have to beg him to stop.

Daniel has been around for a little more than 10 years, kicking off his career from an open mic event a Sydney’s Glebe.  For years,  he  polished  his  craft  before  a  demanding  audience  at  the  same club,  with week  after week  of standup  appearances.  He  moved  to  Melbourne  with  his  act  in  2008  and  was  very  well  received  by  crowds  and critics.  A  famous  TV  person  and  an  avid  standup  artist,  Daniel  Moore  has  the  personality  and  the  charisma  that make him suitable for all types of events. He is approachable via our website and can be available for your show. Contact us to learn more about his schedule.


Daniel  is  a  smooth  operator  and  a  cheeky  one.  He  gently coaxes  his  audience  into following  his  imagination and brings them to giggles and smiles with his heartwarming stories. He’s not the kind of comedian who’ll make you feel embarrassed about your laughter, but presents a refined, elegant brand of humor that is as hilarious as it is poignant.  The  ability  to  have  his  audience  relate  to  his  anecdotes  and  to  carry  them  along  is  the  most  enviable talent that this pleasant and likeable comic brings to the stage.

He’s a gentleman for all his rib-tickling jokes and hilarious one liners. He would never insult or offend his audience, always  walking  a  fine line  between hilarity  and morality. His  performances  are  loved  by  all  sorts  of  audiences—professionals,  pedestrians,  businessmen,  doctors,  lawyers,  and  government  officials.  That’s  why  he  is a  hot commodity for all types of events, public, private, corporate, commercial, and sports.


This comedic genius has stood up beside legendary comedian such as Greg Fleet, Arj Barker, Ross Noble, and Josh Thomas. He has emceed for several high profile comedy gigs, including a recent one that featured Dave Hughes. He has warmed up Aussie households with his ludicrous writings that went behind widely viewed shows including The Glass House and Rove.

He  has  appeared  on  popular  programs  such  as  David  and  Kim  by  Channel  10  and  Stand  Up  Australia  by  The Comedy  Channel.  Renowned  comedians  routinely  contact  him  for  their  scripting  and  writing  needs.  He’s  also  a famous radio  figure  and  has  appeared  on  Triple  M, NOVA,  Triple R,  and  Triple  J.  The  Age  calls Dan “endearingly honest and genuinely funny”.