Danny McGinlay

Prepare  to  get electrified  by  a  gazillion  volts  of humor  power. Danny  McGinlay is  out looking  for  your  souls. Bursting with energy and charm, he’ll leave you no option but to give in and break into laughs and gags. He comes to the stage with the boyish grin ever since he was actually a boy. He’s one of those comedians who were carved for this profession and began performing standup in their mid-teens. Danny McGinlay was only 16 when he stood up on stage for the first time. A natural charmer that he is, he became an instant hit in the blazing Melbourne comedy scene and rose to national and international fame through a series of impressive performances.

Danny McGinlay has the distinction of being the only Australian artist to boast Three Michelin Stars, a description normally used to rate restaurants. Honestly, we’re not sure what it means in his case, but it certainly doesn’t make him  any  less  hilarious.  Born  in  the  comedy  home  ground  of  Melbourne,  he  shuttles  between  Brisbane  and Melbourne for his standup performances. But he’s also a regular at festivals and venues in other parts of Australia and the world. He’s a slick standup artist for all sorts of events, corporate, commercial or private. Let us know more about your event and its dates and we’ll update you regarding Danny’s availability and suitability.


Danny carves out his humor from his life experiences and travels around the world. His razor-edged wit slices through  life  with  amazing  smoothness,  bringing  to  view  its  hilarious  aspects.  Armed  with  a  killer  smile,  this audacious and eclectic comedian brings a flood of energy to the stage. He shoots punch lines with the speed of light and hits just the right spots to have his audience gagging and rolling in laughter. Behind his friendly, boy-next-door appearance, his ultra sharp mind stays two steps ahead of his whiplashing tongue. He’s a smartass hipster who observes urban life up close and picks up the most potentially hilarious parts.

His audience falls in love with him when he’s barely a minute into his act. He involves them in his whirlwind energy and tickles their funny bone with his rapid-fire dialogue to have them in stitches. He’s always pleasant, upbeat and unbelievably funny. His comedy is clean and fresh and can sweep any audience off their feet. He has performed to corporate crowds, partygoers, festival freaks, and almost all other types of gatherings. And he hasn’t disappointed even once.


Did we tell you Danny McGinlay is the one and only Three Michelin Star comedian that Australia has? If that doesn’t impress you, dig this. He appeared in the thriller “Knowing” in which the Hollywood superstar Nicholas Cage played the lead. I can’t remember if he survived the first few minutes, though.

That’s not all. Danny has been on TV more times than he can count. He has appeared on Rove, The Project, Footy show, The Mansion, Standup Australia, and The Circle, and even spoke a full line in Steven Spielberg’s “The Pacific”.