In the serpentine hallways of the Oz comic hinterlands lurks the creature who will have you in stitches the moment he pounces at you from the dimly lit stage. Darkside is actually is far more hilarious than his name would have you believe. By the way, more people know him by his actual name Nick Godsell, but he insists on being called Darkside for  his  standup  acts.  Must  be  some  kind  of  fetish! He’s  been  around  since  ever  and  is  a  strangely  familiar  face, thanks  to  his  numerous  TV  appearances.  He  looks  ferocious  and  goes  for  your  funny  bone  the  moment  he’sunleashed on the stage. A crafty standup performer and MC, he’ll amuse you to the limits and leave you craving for more.

A  husky  fellow  with  a  shaved  head  and  a  cynical  look,  his  penetrating  eyes  watch  everyday  life  from  ludicrous angles and  his  artful  delivery  of  punch  lines   never  lets  you  stop  laughing  for  a full minute.  He’s  an  experienced comedy artist  and  host  with  a  handful  of  TV  and radio  programs  and  a  large number  of corporate  events on  his résumé.  He’s  a  proven  actor  and  the  perfect  choice for  your  event.  Contact  us  for  more  information  about  Mr Darkside and what he’s up to these days.


Darkside  is  a  seasoned  comedian  who  creates  his  humor  from  funny  episodes  of  everyday  life  that  we  all  go through.  He  adds  fervor  to  the  hilarity  through  his  bubbling  energy  and  incessant  delivery  of  punch  lines.  He  is audacious and won’t stay away from taboo topics, but he’s mature enough to steer clear of offensive or distasteful material. Unlike the look and the moniker of this comedian depicts, he’s a gentleman and knows how to take the crowds along.

As a master of ceremonies, he has a wealth of experience headlining and hosting corporate and private events of all shapes and sizes. He’s a very handy comedian to have at fundraisers, conferences, corporate shows, and other events  where  you  require  a recognized,  affordable  and  extremely  funny  artist.  His  act  will leave  the  audience in stitches and will be remember and enjoyed for months and years to come. Darkside goes around Australia like a ghost and may appear at a venue near you anytime.


Although  Darkside  hasn’t  won  many  awards,  it’s  mainly  because  he’s  been  too  busy  hosting  and  performing  at corporate events  to  pay  attention  to comedy  competitions.  He’s best  known  because  of  his role in  TVS’ Dolphin Juice, in which he played a member of ‘the crack squad’. It was a top rated, massively viewed show and brought instant fame for Mr Darkside. He took his show to the radio next, attracting huge listenership within weeks.

Darkside regularly performs at corporate events and randomly at clubs and bar stages. He is a master of trivia and can keep people entertained for hours. He’s a part of the cast on the shows Housos, Swift Shift Couriers, and Fat Pizza. And, oh, did we tell you his real name is Nick Godsell?