Darren Carr

Darren  Carr  belongs  to  the  rare  and  resurgent  breed  of  comedians  known  as  ventriloquists.  The  art  of ventriloquism is a stagecraft in which the comedian sports a dummy or a puppet that he controls and changes his/her voice to give the impression as the puppet is doing the talking. Ventriloquism was globally popular in the ’70s, but lost its place to more modern acts of standup such as observation. Darren Carr is keeping the act alive and kicking.

He is like a breath of fresh air to the Oz comedy scene because he brings a lost art to life with sidesplitting hilarity. His comedy is refreshing and highly enjoyable because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen (given that you haven’t seen Carr perform before). Darren is a much sought after artist for corporate and government events. You can rest assure your employees or guests will be twitching with laughter and will talk about the show for months to come. Contact us now to book this amazing artist who will leave you with cramped up bellies and tearful eyes.


Carr is an outgoing proponent of his craft of choice. He’s been playing with puppet and dolls(!) since he was a child, speaking to them and speaking in their voice for hours. Dan has been around for over ten years and has performed at high street night clubs, premier cruise lines, and countless high profile government and corporate functions. His style of comedy is clean and upbeat. He mixes ventriloquism with comedy and music in just the right proportions to serve you the most refreshing cocktail of entertainment.

He uses a variety of puppets and has no problem getting the funniest voice out of a duck, a grandpa, a baby, or his favorite cheeky sidekick. A classic comedian by virtue of the very genre of his comedy, Carr never crosses the red line and sets the audience at ease before killing them with gags. He and his cast of crazy characters will make you fall of your chair if you’re not careful. Darren researches your event’s or company’s background before unleashing his army of clowns, so he’s always relatable and spot on. He can even transform your boss into a dummy if you’d like him to.


Darren  Carr is  Australia’s  best  standup  ventriloquist  and has  won  a  jaw-dropping  10 MO  awards for  being  his astounding standup performances. He has emceed and performed at hundreds of corporate gigs for big name companies  such  as  Toyota,  Mazda,  Westpac,  and  countless  others.  He  was  invited  twice  to  the  International Ventriloquist Convention in the USA, where he stole the show with his hilarious acts. He’s a famous TV artist, appearing in top rated shows such as Channel 9’s Footy Show, CBS’s 60 Minutes, and Comedy Channel’s Standup Australia.

Multiple award winning Darren Carr is a refined, polished performer who has been hailed as one of the leading ventriloquists around the world. There’s absolutely no way he’ll let you down.