Darren Sanders

Darren Sanders is like the Rolls Royce of the Oz Comedy Industry, high budget and hard to get. But reserving this Aussie  Macho  Humor  for  your  fancy  event  is  worth  every  penny.  Darren  Sanders  is  an  international  star!  The laughs of his audiences can be heard from miles away, whether he is performing standup in the heart of Sydney, or hosting a corporate event in New York! Darren Sanders is a celebrity comedian known for his versatility, from live shows to movies to hosting. His talent surpasses all!

His shows have had a large fan following since 1992, and his experience at the stage makes him one of the best in Australia  and  worldwide.  Darren  Sanders  is  a  hot  topic  at almost  every  other  corporate  or  sport  party including Commonwealth   Bank   of   Australia,   Macquarie  Bank,   Adelaide   Crows   Football   Club,   Phillip  Morris   Mirabel Foundation,  Clipper  Tours,  Luncheon  Trinity  Group  and  Babylon  Productions,  amongst  numerous  others.  Please contact us for more details about Darren Sanders.


According  to  Sydney  Morning  Herald,  Darren  Sanders has a  story-telling  style which  captivates  the  audience  and prepares them for hilarious humor. He likes to indulge his audiences in a scenario before cracking a sidesplitting joke!  His  style  of  humor  is  best  described  as  narrative  and  very  intriguing.  He’s  a  show  stealer,  a  headliner  par excellence who will add a lot of zing to your event. He’s the blue eyed boy of the corporate sectors and has had the ‘suits’ in stitches through back-to-back punch lines.

Like all famous stand-up comedians, Darren Sanders too has an incredible observation and keeps the funniest eye on the things happening around him. His dangerously funny nature brings about a lot of spontaneity in his style, which allows him to lighten up and joke about mundane issues of daily lives without any preparations. His comedy is mature,  bespoke  and  relatable, qualities  that  have  contributed  to  his  well rounded  success.  You  can  trust him with all kinds of events, corporate, sports, fundraisers, festivals, or TV shows.


Perhaps the ‘Darren Sanders Show’ has earned the comedian the most fame, since it is viewed across continents from Australia to Asia to North America! Darren Sander’s involvement in TV shows does not end here, as he has been  the  headline  act  in  many  others  including Talking  Comics  with  Dazz  and  Gazz,  Underbelly  3,Russel  Gilbert Show, Stand up Australia, In Melbourne Tonight, Roveand Any Questions for Ben?

Ask  around  anyone  in  Sydney  about  the Laugh  Garage  Comedy  Club and  the  name  will  not  be  foreign  to  any resident.  Yes,  this  popular  club  too  is  the  brainchild  of  Mr.  Darren  Sanders.  He  has  also  had  the  honor  of performing  live  at  MGM  Las  Vegas.  His  jokes  are  longed  for  across  the  globe,  and  his  acts  are  packed  with audiences wherever he goes!

Call up Darren Sanders for your event (If you are lucky enough to have him that is) and he will surely blow you and your guests away! Your friends will definitely leave with smiles wide open!