Dave Bloustein

At 40, Dave Bloustien has earned fame and acclaim disproportionate to his age. A dangerous observer, he pens down his hilarious takes at everyday life situations to produce explosive scripts that have played a major role in the success  of  TV  shows  such  as The  Glass  House,  Good  News  Week,  and the Sideshow.  His  razor-edged  wit  and amicable, boy-next-door-style delivery make him an absolute favorite with all kinds of audiences. His standup acts have been cracking people up at all major comedy festivals, and his talents as a writer and standup comic have been recognized and rewarded by several prestigious awards.

A diabolic manipulator of crowds, Dave Bloustien knows exactly where to tickle his audiences to produced gags of different  magnitudes.  He  is  always  in  high  demand  as  a  writer  and  comic,  with  his  specialties  ranging from corporate events, fundraisers, TV sketch shows, and hardcore live standup acts. Coming from Adelaide, he brings to the show an authentic OZ flavor of comedy with the most unusual observational humor. Contact us now to learn more about Dave Bloustien’s schedule.


Dave is a foxy artist who has a unique ability to envision the kind of impact a particular punch line will have on the audience.  He  would  take  a  slow  start,  rapidly  increasing  the  volume  and  the  frequency  of  the  laughs  that  he produces.  Before  you  know it,  you’ll  be  caught  up  in back-to-back  spells  of  eye-watering laughter,  begging  for mercy.  He  is  an  observational  humorist  quite  unlike  many  others,  thanks  to  his  powerful  scripts.  You’ll  keep laughing at his jokes for a long time even after the show is over.

Although he’s non-offensive and never insults his audience, his use of expletives and frequent references to sexual acts  and  taboos make  him  suitable  for  a  16+  audience.  Dating,  aging  and  creepy  kids  are  some  of  his favorite topics. His extraordinary intelligence and incisive wit help him venture into topics as sensitive as racism and deliver belly-aching, yet heartwarming laughs. You can expect him to cover uncharted territory that few other comics have explored. The one thing he doesn’t know at all is how not to be funny.


Dave Bloustien is the five times recipient of the Australian Writers Guild awards (AWGIES) for the scripts that he wrote for Channel 10’s Good News Week. While it’s a big achievement for a writer who started as an intern on ABC’s The Glass House just a few years ago, Dave has also proved his prowess on stage by delivering sidesplitting standup live shows at the Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Cracker Comedy  Festival,  and  New  Zealand  Comedy  Festival.  The  high  point  in  his  standup  career  came  when  he  was awarded the coveted Moosehead Award for his performance in The Social Contract in 2009.

Bloustien has lately moved to Sydney where he has founded a comedy production company Wit Large, for which he  is  also  the  co-producer.  So,  he’s  the  comic  you want  to  consult  if  you  want  a  hilarious  comedy  event  put together.