Dave Jory

With a reputation of writing the most original and clever jokes, Dave Jory is fast becoming one of the most sought after comedians of Australia. Although Dave has had his (un)fair share of the TV screen, his niche will always be live stand up, from where he started his career. He loves to entertain live crowds from the stage, which is why you are likely to see a lot of him in the comedy clubs and pubs near you.

With a razor sharp wit and an acute sense of humor, Dave is a genuine performer. His innate ability to guess what the  audience  wants  and  deliver  it  on  the  spot  makes  him  a  favorite  amongst  his  clients.  Audacious,  extremely funny,  and  client-specific,  he  is  the  sort  of  artist whom you  can  rely  on  to get  all  types  of  shows  off  the  ground. Contact us today to get more details about this hot standup artist and to book him for your show!


As  funny  as  this  might  sound,  Dave  Jory  understands  you.  Just  like  he  understands  every  audience  he  has performed  before.  And  this  quality  does  not  help  your  belly  at  all,  which  is  in  for  a  big  cramp  if  you’re  going  to attend one of his performances. His jokes are like machine gun bullets, rapidly firing, and constantly hitting at the right nerve. His ability to take the crowd along is made lethal by his communicative and engaging style of cracking jokes. He  likes to interact  with  his  audience,  breaking  the shackles  of  ordinary  stand up  and  taking  it  to  a  whole new level.

Dave Jory takes his comedy very seriously. Unlike other stand up artists in the industry, you won’t ever find Dave in a  shabby  appearance.  He  is  a  professional  and  he  means  business.  Which  is  why  he  is  a  favorite  for  corporate events,  fundraiser,  and  entertainment  events.  He  plans his  show  to  make  sure  that  his  audience gets  what  they deserve. Cut to the chase: Dave is excellent value for your money.


Dave Jory is one of the few comedians who have mastered the art of writing in a very short time. He is the author of the widely acclaimed book I Know Everything. He has also written for famous magazines and TV shows including Stand up Australia and Glasshouse. Young and confident, Dave has places to go and awards to win ahead of him. A look at him performing will have you believe in this young man.

Dave  has  had  a  popular  run  on  the  TV  screen  as  well.  Chosen  as  one  of  the  finalists  in  Australia’s  ‘Last  Comic Standing’, he got the foothold he needed in the comic industry. Since then, it has been a fairytale. Dave starred in The Mansion, NRL Footy Show and Stand up Australia. He is also a very familiar voice on radio, where he  can be heard  chirping  during  morning  shows  and  evening  gigs.  His  drive  time  segment  ‘I  Love  this  Crowd’  became  an instant hit and gave Dave Jory another feather in his cap.