David Williams

Our homegrown David Williams is not to be confused with the British celebrity comedian David Williams, although the Oz version rivals the celebrity when it comes to pure talent. The Australian David Williams is by no means a rookie, though. He has held his own while performing alongside comedic legends such as Steady Eddie, Stevie Starr, Carl Barron, Julia Morris, and numerous others. He kicked off into the comedy circle with a spectacular performance in the 1999 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and event that he has participated in every year since then.

Having Dave Williams on your show’s headlines guarantees a packed venue bursting with laughter. His killer comic instincts have propelled Dave to the top of Australia’s list of most sought-after headliners and comics. He knows how to choose his weapons for the comic carnage he’s going to unleash, and can tailor his humor to fit audiences of all shapes, sizes, and tastes. You may just get lucky booking Dave for your event this season. Get in touch with us now.


Dave is also a crafty writer who creates his humor from his ludicrous observations of modern life, but it’s his unabashed acting skills that bring his scripts to life. He is an expert of characterization and brings a theatrical strain of  observational  humor  to  the  stage.  Dressed  as  Superman  or  a  cowboy,  this  clown  shuffles  between  facial expressions and jokes with the speed of light, delivering gag after gag of uncontrollable laughter. He’ll respect the audience and their threshold for sleaziness, but he’s not afraid of discussing taboos and can always draw the loudest laughs from them.

He has a rich experience as an MC and has opened high profile performances for legendary artists including Wayne Brady and Michael Bubble. His unusual flexibility and versatility turn him into a nifty performer who you can deploy in any role, from headlining to stand up, and from script to singing. He can go from bar stages and boozed up audiences to nationally televised shows effortlessly, creating thunderous laughter all the way. Sharp, talented, and recognizable, he’s one of the best picks for all types of comedy events, corporate gigs, fundraisers, sports events, or TV shows.


David Williams has acquired the reputation of being the comedy James Bond over the 15 years that he has been in the circuit. He has performed across Australia and in the UK, winning several awards for his comedy and writings. He first became famous when he won the Triple J “Make Me Laugh” National Award in 1996, and reached the finals of the famous “So You Think You’re Funny?” at the Edinburgh Festival Awards the same year. He was the runner up in the 1999 National Green Faces Competition in Canberra, and the nominee for the Victoria University’s Best Comedy Act Award in 2001 and the Maurie Awards Comedian of the Year Award in 2002.

David has appeared on a variety of top-rated TV shows including One HD’s David Williams Live, Channel 10’s Rove Live, Comedy Channel’s Headliners, Channel Nine’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday, and numerous others.