Denise Scott

When it comes to the sheer number of gags that a comedian has unleashed during her extensive career, Denise Scott takes the trophy. One of the funniest moms in town, Denise has been practicing standup for more than 3 decades. However, fame and success did not come quickly for her. It wasn’t until her 20th year as a standup comedian that Denise received her career breakthrough. Since then she consistently performs to sell out crowds and packs theaters without a question.

As the fateful survivor of a near-fatal accident in her 20s, Denise realized the importance of living life to its fullest. Soon after her recovery, she bid her teaching career adieu and decided to devote herself to the art of comedy. She faced countless obstacles but never faltered. As a result, Denise has now secured herself an enviable spot not only in the comedy circuit but also in the hearts of millions around the globe. Her sharp wit and profound delivery have helped her become one of the busiest comedians in Australia. Denise does not support the use of strong language or sleazy content in her shows, which makes her equally suitable for hosting events for children and adults. She is also a highly recognized writer, actor and radio personality. Contact us now if you want Denise Scott to brighten up your event.


Being a mother, Denise is usually found narrating stories on the hardships and pleasures of motherhood. Her views on family and relationships will knock you right off your seats with laughter. Denise is hysterically honest about her domestic life. So much so that her children are partner are hesitant to speak openly with her for the fear that she might blurt their secrets out on stage. Although domesticities are her area of expertise, Denise can alter her style and content to meet the needs of the audience.

Her observatory skills ensure that Denise is here for the long haul. By attending one of her shows, you will learn how  to  tackle  your  insecurities  and  make  the  most  out  of  life.  The  Age  calls  her  a  ‘seasoned  and  generous performer’ whereas The Sunday Herald Sun believes that ‘Scott can help us see the funny side of any adversity’.


Denise has won numerous awards throughout her years as a standup comic.  In 2014, she bagged the Barry Award for the ‘Best show’ in the MICF. The year 2011 brought the Denise the ‘Helpmann’ award for the best comedy performer and the ‘Director’s Choice’ award at the MICF. She received the prestigious Groggy Squirrel Critics’ Award in 2009 for her show ‘Number 26’. That is not all! Her show ‘Comedy Is Still Not Pretty’ claimed the Age Critics Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Her book, ‘All that Happened at Number 26’ turned out to be a bestseller, revealing Denise as a gifted writer. Some of her contended corporate clients include Lindt, Mazda, Melbourne Football Club and Fly Buys. She has also made several TV and radio appearances.