Desh is one of the funniest, most talented satirists and comedians Australia has ever known. His real name is Pradesh Ramiah, which gives away his Indian roots. But Desh was born in South Africa and bred in Queensland, which has turned him into a true multicultural specimen. He has been a regular at the MICF and has performed to crowds of all sizes and temperaments at Sydney, Brisbane, and elsewhere. He has guest appearances to his credit on the immensely popular The Footy Show and several other TV shows.

Versatile and diverse, Desh is a comic genius the likes of whom are not born every other day. His intelligent humor and  biting  satire  have  made  him  an  all  time  favorite  for  all  types  of  comedy  events,  including  corporate conferences, bar stages, private parties, sporting events, and more. Public speaking is one of his most unique skills and he is often invited by public and private organizations to deliver “serious” talks on sustainable development. Contact us today to get updates about Desh’s availability and schedule.


Desh draws heavily upon his diverse experiences to create his signature blend of acerbic observational humor and satire.  He  loves  to  shatter  stereotypes  and  slaughter  sacred  cows  with  his  razor-edged  wit.  He  has  the  most extensive variety of topics and can create eye-watering laughter from subjects as diverse as Globalization to Rugby League, and from Pornography to Cricket. A large part of his act comes from issues and myths that shape the world in which we live. His jokes are immediately relatable and his mannerism is extremely likeable, qualities that make him an instant hit for all types of gatherings.

While primarily an improviser and observer, Desh doesn’t hesitate to venture into the blue and black comedic genres  when  he  thinks  it  would  produce  some  hearty laughs.  He’s  particularly  accomplished  as  a  corporate comedian because he know the corporate culture very well. You can expect Desh to add spice and color to your entertainment event regardless of its scale and type.


The rise of Desh/Pradesh Ramiah can be traced back to the 2002 Triple J Raw Comedy Competition, where he earned a seat in the finals because of his uproarious standup acts. He made his television debut with the NRL’s hit sketch comedy program The Footy Show in 2004. His most memorable performances have been immortalized in the  shape  of The  Best  of  Footy  Show  Comedians  and Show  Us  Your  Roots  DVDs.  He  has  delivered  hilarious performances before capacity crowds at the Sydney’s Olympic Stadium, proving his prowess as an entertainer en masse.

Desh  has  performed  with  some  of  the  most  noteworthy  comedians  including  Arj  Barker,  Peter  Berner,  Vince Sorrenti,  Will  Anderson,  and  several  others.  Perhaps  surprisingly,  he’s  a  corporate  member  of  the  Planning Institute  of  Australia  and  an  avid  proponent  of  environmental  sustainability.  Desh  has  a  long  list  of regular corporate clients including South African Airways, the NRL, Blake Dawson, the Newcastle Knights, the Wilderness Society, and many other reputable organizations.