The cheeky musical duo ElbowSkin have been around since 1997, when Dave ‘Elbow’ Adams and Ernie ‘Skin’ Austin were still in their high school. The childhood best friends were cut out to be stage performers and have amply proven  their  talents  as  musicians,  songwriters  and stand  up  artists  over  nearly  two  decades  of  hilarious performances.  Don’t  let  their  boyish  looks  deceive you  into  thinking  they  are  novices.  ElbowSkin  has  more experience than some of the senior-most artists, whose ages must be equal to the sum of Dave’s and Ernie’s.

The two of them bring to the stage double the laughs and entertainment because of their excellent comic timings and rib-tickling lyrics. They’ve consistently cracked up pedestrian crowds during national and international comedy festivals and are one of the hottest musical comedy duo in the OZ comedy industry. They head a professional events and entertainment company and are in high demand for corporate comedy and entertainment. Their tunes are hilarious and suitable for all ages, and they can MC all sorts of events. Send us a message today to find out their availability for your event.


ElbowSkin never fails to entertain, thanks to the duos’ fresh humor and extraordinary music. Their tunes rock all kinds of crowds and their lyrics are often insane enough to trigger beer-spilling laughs. Their immaculate timings and excellent stage chemistry betray their 20-year history as friends and co-performers. They bring a rare sort of intelligence and improvisation to the Aussie comedy circle, a signature comedic brand that’s a crowd-puller and crowd-pleaser. No wonder they have always had a busy schedule and have hosted or performed at virtually every type of comedy, music and entertainment gig known to mankind.

They captivate you with their clever exchange of one-liners that intercedes their delightful melodies, delivering thunderous gags between sessions of soulful music. ElbowSkin are avid corporate comedians who research their audience  before  the  event  and  customize  their  humor  to  cause  the  most  impact.  They  will  proactively  ask questions about your organization and audience and will leave a lasting impression with their high quality, bespoke musical comedy. As MC’s they can get even the most demanding and high profile shows to take off the moment they  step  on  stage.  They  are  well-rounded,  experienced  performers  who  will  leave  your  audience  deeply enthralled.


ElbowSkin regularly perform to packed venues at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, MICF, and Adelaide Fringe. They have earned accolades for their distinctive performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have written custom songs for many big-name clients. You can sneak a peek at them at the Melbourne Town Hall, or the Sit Down Comedy Club, where they frequently perform. When they’re not in Melbourne they’re touring Australia with the MICF Roadshow or for other gigs.

ElbowSkin have an enviable list of corporate clients and have appeared on many radio and TV channels. They have headlined alongside Stephen K Amos, Harley Breen, Jimeoin, and numerous other internationally acclaimed artists, and are currently planning a tour to Singapore.