Fox Klein

Fox Klein will trick you into laughter with his clever jokes and keep hitting you with punch lines until you have a cramp in your belly. Much like his first name, Fox is incredibly clever and extremely tactful. His pulsating humor and deadly sarcasm will have you gasping for air in between endless rounds of laughter. Fox’s career spans more than a decade, and his shows are worth each penny spent. Over the years, he has shown consistent improvements and has gathered a large fan following. Exceptionally charming, Fox never fails to leave an impact on his audience with his amusing narratives and unique comedy.

Fox introduced himself to the comedy circuit in 2002 from the Comics Lounge in Melbourne. Soon, he discovered his passion for making people laugh and decided to make a profession out of it. Fox enjoys the same status as that of his competitor comedians with twice the experience. Apart from being an accomplished standup artist, Fox Klein is also widely recognized as a corporate comedian, writer, actor, and television presenter. You can count on him to get your show off the ground and into the headlines. Contact us now to get your hands on one of the hottest Australian comics of all times.


Fox does not restrict himself to any particular area of interest when he executes standup. He interweaves different topics and ideas, using them as lethal weapons to score continual laughter. Fox is a gifted storyteller. He frequently narrates experiences, embarrassments and mishaps from his past in an increasingly engaging manner. Most of his shows are usually 18+ so accompanying minors with you will not be a very good idea. His signature smirk will leave the women drooling over his charismatic charm. Alternative comedy being his strong suit, Fox does not rely too much on regular jokes and punch lines. Instead, he blends other comedy genres to ensure that his act stands out. The fact that he can carry out character, slapstick and deadpan comedy at the same time adds to his uniqueness.

Fox can perform to crowds of all sizes and types, from private dinner parties to topnotch product launches and award galas. He can transform from the casual hippie to an aristocratic gentleman within the blink of an eye. Fox is extremely friendly and full of life, which is why he is the ultimate crowd pleaser. However, be sure to steer clear of his dating advice if you want your relationship to last!


Just a year after he took to standup, Fox won his very first comedy competition ‘Search for a Funny Bone’. He wrote for the award-winning TV series ‘Studio A’. Fox performed a series of amusing shows for children at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival that ran with great success. He has also given four solo performances at the MICF.

Fox has appeared as a guest on the famous television programs; Standup Australia and Good Morning Australia. He continues to perform at all major events within and outside Australia.