Fred Lang

Fred Lang’s 18-year rollercoaster ride in the Oz comedy circuit might not have been very smooth, but has turned out to be a highly successful one. He has performed to diverse kinds of audiences in all sorts of places. Starting from the poorly-paid local stand-up comedy bars, travelling all the way to Afghanistan to cheer the Australian Defense Force troops up, his journey has tasted all.

Fred thinks his life has been very interesting, and his jokes are predominately inspired by his life experiences. No wonder they are extremely relatable and funny as well as full of insights. Not only does he have the natural ability to give people belly laughs, but also the intelligence to crack insightful jokes. This unique combination makes his shows both heart-touching and hilarious! Contact us to get in touch with Fred Lang.


Having really ‘seen’ the world, from the streets to the battle zones and hospital beds, Fred Lang always has jokes that will lighten you up and make you forget your troubles. He is literally like a living fairy godmother to the laughter-starved masses, always there to cheer you up! He has a way to look at the brighter things in life. You will frequently see him joking about the cancer he fought or troubles with money, and relationship breakups. He is a speaker at ‘My Positive Move’ where he shares his stories of how his jokes have impacted lives, living by the motto—comedy with a cause.

Fred Lang will crack jokes just about everywhere, and that is the best part. He doesn’t have a particular niche of audience and will make everyone gag endlessly to his jokes. Part of his flexibility comes from his performance before people from all walks of life—from soldiers to patients to CEOs. His ability to take all kinds of audiences along and narrate jokes in a conversational style blows away his audience every time. His talents in various facets of comedy have elevated him above his contemporaries. He is often seen performing at corporate parties and events, usually hosting them and cracking hilarious jokes that give you watery eyes and stomach aches!


Fred Lang has become the headline news in the Australian comedy world. Some of his corporate clients include Mcdonalds and Ozemail. He is quite popular amongst various sporting clubs celebrations and parties, including the Asquith Rugby League Clubs, Sydney Swans Hornsby and Peakhurst Cricket Club. Fred Lang also had the honor speaking at the 10 years celebration dinner with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and also at the Commerce QLD Dinner in front of Mr. John Howard, another former Prime Minister. How is that for versatility?

His immaculate ability to host functions and also perform as a comic has had him travelling across continents from Fiji to Borneo and from Germany to Turkey, leaving his audiences in admiration worldwide. Although Fred Lang has made countless appearances on the TV screen, he is convinced that live shows and events are his real game.