Garry Who

With 30 years of standup experience, Garry has carved out a special place for himself in the comedy circuit. He is helplessly droll and extremely talented. As one of the pioneers in the industry, Garry’s contributions towards the comedy scene in Australia have been phenomenal. He put together his act from scratch with negligible guidance and steadily developed himself into one of the most sought-after comedians of all times. Garry continues to serve audiences of all origins with his vivacious and hilariously fresh comedy.

Garry drew his roots into standup in the early 80s from the notorious Sydney Comedy Store and soon developed it into Australia’s hottest club for standup artists. After establishing himself as a comedian, he went on to try his luck in the show business at large. Now, Garry is widely recognized and loved as a comic, actor, radio presenter, and voice-over artist all over the world. He is also a prominent name in the field of corporate comedy, being the foremost choice of many companies, nationally and internationally. Owing to his reliability, Garry remains busy throughout the year. Contact us now to know if he will be around for your next event.


Knowing Garry has worked for the Sydney Comedy Store, you might think his work is riddled with adult themes and mature content. However, that is not the case. His experience has allowed Garry to alter his shows according to the age and requirements of his spectators. You can book him for your kid’s birthday party without flinching (although might need to be rich to afford him). He believes that live interactions with the audience helps in taking the show forward. In achieving this, Garry makes sure no one is offended or feels insulted. He covers a variety of topics in his shows and keeps the audience indulged until the end.

Even after years of performing powerful standup comedy, Garry never runs out of new ideas to have his audience in fits of laughter. We suggest that you hold on tight to your bellies and fasten your seatbelts for this thrilling rollercoaster ride. He usually delivers searing one-liners and witty gags with an incredibly straight face and coordinated gestures. Critics and corporations speak very highly of Garry, calling him an ultimate crowd-pleaser.


Garry rose to stardom with his world-famous role as Doug Stevens on the Australian sitcom ‘All together now’. In 1987, he bagged a nomination at the ARIA Awards for the ‘best comedy album’. Garry received the prestigious ‘Antenna Award for Outstanding Comedy Program’ in 2009. The year 2011 saw him receiving the ‘MO Certificate of Excellence in Live Performance’. Garry also received a nomination for the Rodney Rude MO Award for ‘best comedian’ in the same year.

Fair Game, On the Loose, and Town Centre are a few movies that reflect his abilities as an actor. Garry continues to give numerous appearances on TV shows and radio channels and is an internationally acclaimed artist with unparalleled experience.