Gary Bradbury

You’ve  seen  musical  comedy  before,  but  have  you  ever  heard  of  “Saxophone  comedy”?  It  is  Gary  Bradbury’s signature comedic brand, and it’s side-splitting funny! Gary boasts of being the world’s only saxophone playing standup comedian, and we don’t have a reason to doubt his claim. He’s been serenading comedy goers with his heartwarming melodies, and ticking their funny bones with his insane jokes since 1994. The twice-finalist of the Comic of the Year contest is arguably the funniest comedian the Australian comedy industry has produced.

Gary’s charming personality and amazing versatility turn him into a favorite for all kinds of events and parties. He’s an artist who never fails to entertain the audience, regardless of their background or taste. He walks the fine line between being outrageous as a comedian and being likeable as an emcee, talents that have always kept him in high  demand. If  you’re  looking  forward to  night  reverberating  with romantic  saxophone  tunes  and  thunderous laughter, Garry Bradbury is the artist to hire. Contact us now to get in touch with Gary!


Uninhabited  and  audacious,  Gary  Bradbury  would  venture  into  taboo  territories  with  razor-edge  precision, emerging with good-hearted laughs and gags without offending anyone (well, mostly). The use of explicit content and  impudent  references  is  a  prominent  feature  of  his  shows.  He  often extracts  humor from  social issues  like smoking  and  going  to  jail.  The  fact  that  Gary  has  mastered  numerous  instruments  means  that  he  intertwines melodies into his act in order to keep the audience entertained.

At  times,  Gary  practices  deadpan  comedy,  delivering  hilarious  one-liners  with  an  incredibly  straight  face. Otherwise, he goes completely berserk onstage with ridiculous facial expressions and absurd gestures. Gary mostly speaks from experiences he has gained from his travels around the world. His show ‘Cairo or Bust’ is a narrative of his journey of entertaining Australian troops. His friendly demeanor and likeable charm has led him to win the hearts of millions around the globe. Even after more than 15 years, Gary persists as one of the most entertaining comics in Australia.


Apart from conducting comedy shows throughout Australia, Gary’s work has enabled him to travel to the Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt. He is also a regular performer in East Timor and The Solomon Islands. Gary is never a rare sight at all topnotch events and venues. He has emceed or performed at corporate events, private parties, and highly publicized entertainment events, drawing standing ovations and rave reviews.

He appeared as a guest presenter on a handful of radio stations like Triple J, Nova, Bondi Fm and SAFM. Gary succeeded in reaching the finals twice for the ‘Comic of The Year’ award. Rove Live, Joker Poker, Thursday Night Live, and The Comedy Channel are a few TV programs that Gary privileged with his presence. P & O Cruise ships highly recommend him for hosting large-scale corporate events. Having hosted countless shows, Gary remains high in demand as an MC and stand-up artist.