Gary Eck

Gary Eck is one of the most renowned stand-up comedians in Australia, who has maintained a prominent position in the comedy circuit for over 2 decades. He completed his Bachelors in marketing and advertising from Canberra University  before  deciding  to  become  a  corporate comedian.  References  from  his most  intimate  connections conclude that Gary is modest and innately funny. As a child, he would use humor as a shield against bullies who used to make failed attempts to ridicule his comparatively shorter height.

On the professional side, Gary started his career from a low-profile gig at a university bar, from where he worked at a consistent pace to become one of the most sought after comedians of all times. His astute sense of humor and creativity has only been second to his hard work as a professional performer. Apart from stand-up comedy, he is also famous as an actor, director and writer with plenty of experience in Radio, Television and Film. Gary hasn’t allowed his roaring success in other media to distract him from his passion for stand-up. Gary Eck a busy comedian and a perfect choice for corporate gigs. Click here to contact us and check his schedule.


Gary  Eck  is  unique  and  versatile  in  entertaining  and  amusing  his  audience.  A  master  of  improvisation  and extemporaneous one-liners, he’s also extremely flexible and responds to instantaneous situations with rib-tickling comments.  Gary  holds  his  audience  on  the  edge  with his  absorbing  performance  that  never  fails  to  incite reverberating laughter. His charming smile continuously changes colors and keeps his listeners anticipating the next punch line. Audacious, bold and wild, he is every bit the comedian you want for your event.

A true master of improvisation and alternative genres, Gary creates humor from the most unexpected situations. He remains cool as a cucumber when dishing out red hot gags and makes it a point not to go overboard with his jokes. Like most stand-up comedians, Gary gets his inspiration from everyday life. He takes a theme as serious as the “international schooling system” and presents it through hilarious comic angles. It’s hard to stop laughing on his jokes even when your stomach starts to hurt.


Gary has appeared on numerous television shows like The Footy Show, and Spicks and Specks and was a weekly guest on The Nation (with Mick Molloy as the host). Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival awarded Gary for his short film titled The Money in 2004. He has performed standup acts across Australia and is a hot favorite among organizers.

As a stand-up comedian, Gary lately released his comedy CD Gary Eck Live. He won an ARIA award as a writer for the comedy album The Hollywood Motel in 2004. He starred in several Australian movies including You Can’t Stop the Murders (which he co-wrote  as well), Boy  Town  and The  Night  We  Called  It  a  Day. In 2010, he wrote a screenplay for Happy Feet 2 alongside George Miller.

Gary Eck, winner of Tropfest, the biggest short film festival in the world, co-director of Happy Feet 2, is one of Australia’s most popular & versatile stand-up comedians whose sharp wit has been entertaining Australian and international audiences for nearly two decades. He is also an accomplished writer, actor and director.

A graduate of Canberra University with a BA in Marketing and Advertising, Gary’s career has taken him all round the world from Edinburgh to Paris to New York and London. Gary has performed his stand-up accompanied by a Live Orchestra, emceed the Myer Spring Summer Launch with Jennifer Hawkins and appeared on numerous television shows including Rove, The Footy Show, Spicks and Specks and was weekly guest on Mick Molloy’s The Nation on Channel Nine.

Gary has also successfully ventured into film having co-starred and co-written the feature film You Can’t Stop  the  Murders(Miramax  2003)  and  starred  in  the  film Boytown alongside  Mick  Molloy  and  Glenn Robins. Gary has won the world’s largest short film competition Tropfest with his short film entitled The Money(2004). A collection of Gary’s shorts recently screened in a special one hour programme on the Comedy Channel entitled Ecks Rated Shorts.

Gary co-directed with Academy Award winning director George Miller on Happy Feet 2.

“Gary Eck is absolutely hilarious, very professional not to mention a really nice guy. We all adored his brand of comedy and he had everyone and I mean EVERYONE in stitches. Delegates wrote to me after the event saying they were literally crying tears of laughter.  A very successful evening and it was due to Gary. I would book him again? In a heartbeat! I just hope he is free for my next event!”

Samantha, Ramsay Health Care Symposium.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am eternally grateful for the wonderful job you did for us last night. It was a complicated brief and run sheet and not only were you the consummate professional you made me cry with laughter time and time again. After all these years managing events its not often I honestly think a performer deserves their fee – but you Gary are a star.”

Suzy Byrne – Chapter Administrator, Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

“ Gary was amazing, perfect fit for the event, we will be definitely using Gary again. Kind regards”