George Smilovici

George Smilovici? No, we would rather call him George Smile-ovici. Your knowledge of the world of comedy is arguably incomplete unless you have sat through one of his shows. Georges’ cringe-worthy comedy will have you in sidesplitting roars of laughter. He is an evergreen comic who still has the ability to score laughs from every single individual witnessing his performance. Critics and audiences have rewarded George with nothing less than raving reviews and standing ovations. Although some of his shows were subject to controversy, George continued his quest for success and has emerged as a must-watch comic.

George was born to Jewish immigrants in Cuba. A pioneer in the world of standup, he has been entertaining the Aussies with his innovative comedy since the early 80s. Before his breakthrough as a comedian, George was just another high-school teacher, although his students and colleagues couldn’t help but notice his cheekiness. Hence, performing arts came as second nature to him. It was not long before George shifted his act from the classroom directly to the stage. Presently, he is the most reliable comedian in Australia, having consistently performed to sell-out  crowds  and  stuffed  theatres.  He  is  also  a highly  talented  and  well-recognized musician  who  guarantees  a memorable performance. Contact us now to know if he will be available for your event.


George is a master of character comedy. Anyone from famous celebrities to sport personalities can fall prey to his cruel sense of humor. For example, he once called the well-known Australian politician Kevin Rudd an ‘anorexic telly tubby’. His bizarre parodies will leave your jaws aching and bellies cramping. Georges’ humor mainly pivots around everyday hassles and social issues. Be sure to prepare yourselves for mild humiliation, as George frequently throws remarks and questions at his audience. Uproarious and lively, his shows are worth each penny.

George  does not  know  how  to  stand  still.  He  literally  loses  it  on  the  stage  with  his  over-the-top gestures  and absurd facial expressions. George exploits his accomplishments as a musician to blend melodies into his act. His work is consummate and suitable for people of all age groups and ethnicities. The Sunday Telegraph testifies that Georges’ ‘material was fresh’ and ‘he was very funny’.


George  wrote  and  represented  the  award  winning  television  commercials  for  Brut  Faberge  colognes.    He  has released many albums, singles and concert videos amongst which ‘Hot’ and ‘Double Trouble’ topped the video charts. George is a regular sight at numerous television shows like ‘The Footy Show’, ‘Standup Australia’, and ‘One Night Stand’. As an actor, George is popular for his movies ‘Show Us your Roots’, ‘Stepsister from Planet Weird’, and ‘Who Pays the Hitman’.

He performed alongside prominent rock personalities of Australia like Renee Geyer and Doug Parkinson for the ‘Concert for Max’. George is the only comedian whose droll comic monologue ‘I’m so Tuff’ topped the Australian and New Zealand music charts. He continues to conduct comedy shows at all lengths of Australia and overseas in London, US, Indonesia and Malaysia. George works as a corporate MC for topnotch companies like Toyota and Johnson & Johnson