Geraldine Hickey

The Australian born standup comedian Geraldine Hickey started tickling funny bones in 2001. Over the last decade, she  has  emerged into  a  very  skilled comic  who  will quietly  take  out  your innards  with  her cunning  jokes  and hilarious punch lines. Geraldine often performs before adult audiences and usually has them in stitches with her cheeky humor. She’s all lovable and cute, just as the Herald Sun describes her “It’s kind of impossible not to like Geraldine Hickey who succeeds in being funny, filthy and endearing all at the same time.”

After holding back her secret for many long years. Hickey has finally come out of the closet. In her latest show “Turns Out I do Like Sun Dried Tomatoes,” she publically reveals the truth that she is bisexual! Very astonishingly, this was not much to the fans’ surprise. They already seemed to know it because of her sleazy jokes. This clearly proves that Geraldine is one gallant and honest lady. Because of her sharp wit and rare comic talents, she often has the chance of working with the finest comedians. Contact us to learn more about her availability and book her for your show.


Hickey is perhaps one of the most audacious comedians out there who won’t hesitate to talk about any topic. There  are  no  boundaries  for  her!  She  sets  the  stage  on  fire  with  the  persistent  delivery  of  her  punch lines, encouraging the audience to laugh their heads off. She also has the amazing ability to switch topics suddenly and yet  keep  the  momentum  going.  Her  being  unpredictable is  one  of  the  things  that  make  her  unique.  She  is  a complete poker-face and no expressions escape her when she’s killing people with her jokes. It’s amazing how Hickey finds so much hilarity in routine things.

She’s a cool customer when on stage and is particularly good at delivering punch lines. The Herald Sun describes her as “Laconic relaxed and utterly filthy”. That should give you an idea about the kind of crowds she can entertain most aptly. You can book her with your eyes closed if it’s roof-shattering laughter you want. Let’s see what she has in store for you.


Geraldine has won prestigious awards in her short career, and she’s just getting warmed up. The Australian public, awestruck by her humor, voted Geraldine’s appearance on “Stand Up Australia” among the top 10 for the best show of the year. She appeared on Australia Day special in 2007 because of her distinctive performances. She was also the runner up in the Raw Comedy 2001. ArtsHub appreciatively gives her 4 stars!

Geraldine is a veteran of Four Seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. You can catch Hickey on radio as she performs on the Triple M Network as a regular co-host on “Get This” alongside Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee. You can also sometimes catch her on triple J Nova and 774 ABC radio national. The way her career has take off, you can bet she has nowhere to go but up!