Gina Yashere

Hailing from London, born to Nigerian parents, currently residing in Los Angeles, and constantly performing in Australia, Europe and the Far East, Gina Yashere is Ms. Worldwide! Her ability to engage the crowds and her commitment to have them in stitches have made Gina Yashere’s one of the hottest comics anywhere in the world.

Touted as ‘one of the best comedians of the world’ by the Guardian UK, Gina Yashere is the big fish of the industry, who has ruled the stage ever since she joined the American comedy scene with her NBC ‘last comic standing’ finale. She started humbly when she decided to give up her work as an elevator technician to find out the hidden talent  in  herself.  Her  initial  shows  in  London  were  sold  out  and  she  caught  the  attention  of  comedy  lovers throughout the country. After her hit local events, her globally aired TV shows intoxicated her followers with crazy laughter and the rest became history. Contact usto get in touch with this hotshot comic!


Gina Yashere is a very bold comedian, not hesitating to crack jokes on stereotypes such as race and ethnicity. In fact, you will regularly find Gina Yashere cracking jokes on her own ethnicity and race! She is not afraid to talk about racial profiling by the cops, or the valley girl accents in Los Angeles, and such stigmas seem ridiculously funny when Gina Yashere talks about them. Her jokes on stereotypes become hilarious when she adds her own bit of satire in it. She is an enthusiastic performer and puts in her heart and soul into her act.

Her travels across the world have made her adapt to the traditions or tastes of the people worldwide. She is well aware of what kinds of jokes to use on different kinds of audiences in different places. You might often see her talk about current events and culture shocks that never sounded this hilarious before. This type of stage presence makes her very client-specific and a favorite among the grandest of comedy hubs. You would often see Gina shouting or dancing at the stage, often using wayward hand gestures and acts to compliment her jokes. She also talks about her own life incidents that occur on a daily basis, and makes them sound extremely funny!


Gina Yashere has probably bagged more awards and honors than she can count! She has earned the ‘Best Female Comedian Award’ four consecutive times from the ‘Black Entertainment and Comedy Awards’. She also hosted the prestigious MOBO awards in 2005, 2006 and 2007! – Further showing off her skills as an anchor and a host too.

The Television has seen a lot of her, she starred in blockbuster shows like The Jay Leno Show (NBC), The Central Fame Academy (BBC UK), Comics unleashed (ABC), Live at Gotham (Comedy Central), Chelsea Lately (E!), The Lenny Henry Show (BC UK) and Mock The week (BBC UK). All these shows have been the forerunners among the comedy world. She featured in films including ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ and ‘Mr. In Between’, further going on to show how fine her stage presence is. No wonder why she always gets the audience going!