Glen Majurey

Extremely daring and very reliable, Glen Majurey is every bit the comedian he claims to be. Having worked behind and in front of the lens, Glen has developed into a seasoned professional at performing arts overtime. He has performed  at  confounding  number  of  shows,  occasions  and  venues  nationally  and  internationally.  Glen  is  a promising standup comedian who ensures a rollercoaster ride full of madness and mayhem. Owing to extreme dedication and hard work, he has now become a prominent asset to the comedy scene in Australia.

By far the best comedian in his price range, Glen has an experience that span for about a decade. Although his interests into cinematography root deeper than his liking for comedy, he is equally brilliant ant both. Glen’s act bears novelty and his shows are always a breath of fresh air due to which he has gathered an army of fans from all over  the  world.  His  horizons  are  not  just  limited  to  comedy;  Glen  has  solid  credentials  as  a  host,  television presenter, radio jockey and an emcee. You can check Glen’s availability by sending us a message and hire him for your next event if you want.


Like  most comedians, Glen  extracts  comedy  from  his observations  and  experiences  of  everyday  life.  He  pays extraordinary attention to details that most of us skip through amidst the hustle of our busy lives and uses it to enchant his spectators into tears and stitches. Glen stands out in terms of content, delivery and style, which has enabled him to blend a variety of comedic genres into his act. He can also work with numerous of characters and accents that he uses to pump life into his shows.

Glen can easily adapt to audiences of all ages and origins, instantly making them feel at home. He can comfortably shift from low-key nights at the local bar to topnotch award shows. Glen is very friendly and his affable charisma helps in reducing the communication gap between himself and his spectators. This allows him to connect with the audience so that he can alter his style to meet their needs. People who have hired Glen to perform at their events speak very highly of him, often re-requesting his presence for future events.


In his comparatively brief career, Glen has achieved enough to sparkle up his profile. In 2001, he made it to the finals at the Green Faces National Comedy Competition. In the same year, Glen ran runner-up at RAW’s Triple J National Comedy Competition in Newcastle. He ran his own radio show on MMM that scored raving reviews from critics all over Australia.  Glen played an integral role on Dolphin Juice TV that aired on TVS. His credits a cinematographer include two short movies, An Australian Horror Movie and Drink up the Beers. He frequently tours Australia with his exclusively fresh blend of comedy. His career has continuously been on an upward streak ever since he started performing, so we can hope to see him at many more memorable gigs this year.