Greg Fleet

Greg Fleet was never into comedy in his youth. He stumbled upon it much later in his life, only to find out he was really good at it! Starting as an actor trained by NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), Fleet tried out comedy at the request of NIDA’s head. To his surprise, he found out that he had a hidden flair for standup! His propensity to make people laugh exceeded many famous comics right from the outset.

His first stint was at Melbourne’s ‘Prince Patrick Hotel’ in 1987 where he recalls that he wasn’t able to stand up on the  stage  because  of  his  nervousness  and  had  to  perform a  ‘sit  down comedy’.  Since  then, the  change  has  been drastic,  as  Greg  Fleet  has  beautifully  combined  the  art  of  comedy  and  theatre  together  to  pull  off  spectacular shows worldwide! Today, he’s in high demand for all sorts of entertainment events. Contact us now to get hold of this amazing standup artist.


Greg Fleet owns the stage every time he is up there! LITERALLY! He has incorporated his acting skills into his stand up routines, making them more intriguing. The audience is definitely in for a sidesplitting show, sitting at the edge of  their  seats  all  along  and  losing  track  of  time. You will  often  see his  varying  tone  and  perfectly  matched  body gestures complimenting his jokes, subverting the viewers into uncontrollable laughter. Critics say Fleet is incredibly funny and casts a spell upon the audience!

Having  travelled  the  world  a  lot,  Greg  often  jokes about  the  places  he  visited  and  the  people  he  has  met.  His stories  about  cultural  shocks  and  stereotypes  are  ridiculously  funny,  and  will  blow  you  away!  The  Sunday  Times  has called him the ‘The fastest thinking stand up around!’ and not without reason. Greg Fleet is known for making up jokes on the spot, and he rocks at it. His keen observation of the people and activities happening around and his spontaneity make his comedy seem look effortless.  He’s highly recommended for all types of shows—corporate events, festivals, bar stages, parties…you name it!


Greg Fleet’s versatility has made him a master of all stages. He has graced sitcoms, TV shows, dramas, live chats and  discussions  and  just  about  everything  else!  His  remarkable  acting  skills  saw  him  acting  in  films  like ’Shakespeare’ and ‘Mathew and Son’ alongside Nicole Kidman. He’s also been a regular customer on the TV screen, where he has featured in hit shows like ‘Prisoner, Neighbors and Die on your feet’. Alongside his stints on several others  shows,  he  has  also  been a  familiar  voice  on the Radio,  working  on  the  show  ‘Get this’  and  also  regularly hosting ‘Breakfast Afternoon’ and ‘Drive Radio’

Apart  from  entertaining  people  at  their  homes  via  their  TV  screens,  Greg  Fleet  performs  live  in  various  comedy hubs and bars across Australia and the rest of the world. He can make his listeners fall off their seats with his razor sharp satire and hilarious jokes!