Greg Sullivan

Upsize and incredibly unabashed, Greg Sullivan has everything that the Australian comedy-goers look for in a comedian. On first looks, he comes across as a laidback, overweight computer geek whose skin is craving some sunlight. However, do not be fooled by his looks! Greg is a highly professional and talented standup comic who poses a great threat to his competitors, giving them an intricate run for their money. His profile is outstanding when  seen  through  his  performance  reviews  by  fans, critics,  and  corporations.  Owing  to  his  extraordinary penchant for humor, Greg is presently one of the most sought-after comedians in Australia.

Guilty as charged, Greg took up to becoming a standup artist in 1995 just to save himself from household chores. Soon, he started to discover his passion to knock people off their seats with laughter, and decided to pursue the comedy circuit. Greg’s first few gigs were at the renowned ‘Sit Down Comedy Club’ in Brisbane. He is also a widely acknowledged writer, actor and broadcaster. In the world of corporate comedy, Greg is remembered with smiles by  leading  organizations  nationally  and  internationally.  He  remains  busy  throughout  the  year,  performing  to anticipating crowds all over the world. So get in touch with us now to get your hands on this legend.


Greg’s comedy is largely self-depreciating. He finds humor in mocking himself for being overweight and a lazy couch potato. His flaws are his keys to score endless rounds of laughter from the audience. Greg also extracts content from everyday life and his experiences from the past. An extremely observant nature coupled with a striking memory help him hit the spot every time. On stage, Greg swings from one extreme to the other in terms of manner and delivery, surpassing all limits to ensure a truly enchanting experience.

Being a gifted writer, Greg mostly scripts down all the gags and punch lines that he wants to use for his shows. However, 20 years in the industry have taught him the tricky skill of improvisation. His work at the famed Improv in Los Angeles has honed his ad-libbing abilities so that he can practice it in front of packed crowds. To top it all off, Greg can work with a variety of characters and voices. He enjoys the privilege of being the comedian that other comedians go to for some entertainment. The widely celebrated US comedian Rich Hall says Greg is ‘the best I’ve seen on this trip out’.


Greg was the runner-up at The Harold Park ‘Comic of the Year’ competition, and won the Triple Js ‘Make me Laugh’ comedy competition in Queensland. He worked as a writer for Triple M for 7 years and got promoted to co-host the successful breakfast show ‘The Cage’.

In  2007,  he made it  to  the  finals  at  the  ACRA  Awards  for  the  ‘Best  Comedy  Segment’. Greg’s  credits  on the television  include  performances  on The  Project,  Good  News  Week  and Stand  Up  Australia.  Some  his  happy corporate clients include McDonalds, Hewlett Packard, Elders, and Carlton United,