Haskel Daniel

When most of us were busy doing our homework, Haskel Daniel was rocking the stage with his stand up at age 15! Yes, you heard it right, Haskel Daniel performed for the first time at Sydney’s Original Comedy store when he was just 15. Immediately after his first hit show, he was called up for a show called ‘Simon’s Townsends Wonderland’ and the rest became history. Since then Haskel Daniel has stormed the comic industry in every way, appearing in various TV shows, Radio and live performances!

With his incredible stage presence, and the impeccable ability to take the audience along with him, never letting their  eyes  slip  off  the  stage,  Haskel Daniels is  certainly  a  treat  to  watch!  Hel  is  one  of  the most  sought-after standup comics in the country for all kinds of comedy, entertainment, sports, and corporate events. Contact us to get him to perform at your event!


Haskel Daniel is downright hilarious! Being one of the oldest in the in the comic world, this guy knows how to win the  audience.  It  doesn’t  matter  if  the  crowd  has  15  year  olds  sitting  beside  50  year  olds;  all  age  groups  will eventually end up teary eyed with wide open smiles. He really does know how to take the crowd along, constantly pumping them up with his jolly personality and a charismatic style of cracking jokes. You never know what to expect during his shows. You will hear jokes ranging from his experiences in an airplane to the Australian cricket, and  every  other  thing  you  can  possibly  think  of.  That’s  right,  Haskel  Daniel  will  find  out  humor  in  just  about everything!

Haskel Daniel loves making parody songs, his hit song ‘bowling Shane’ became super popular and a must have. The song gives tribute to the great Australian bowling legend Shane Warne, by adding a bit of spice and humor into it. You will often find him praising different personalities by cracking quite a few jokes about them, making the entire spectacle incredibly satirical!


Haskel’s music release ‘Bowling Shane’ was featured at number 26 in the ARIA charts nationwide. His regular TV shows have got people talking for more than decades now! Some of these top-rated programs include ‘The Today Show, Good morning Australia, Tonight live with Steve Vizard, Hey Hey its Saturday and All star squeeze. Thousands have admired his presence in the Radio world, where his voice has been reaching out to his fans regularly! Ugly Phils Hot 30, 3AW, JJJ, 2UE, 2KY, FOX FM, Gold FM, Nova969 and MMM Nationally are only some of the radio shows he has rocked in!

Haskel Daniel has shown his versatility by acting in a number of movies including the very famous ‘He died with a falafel in his hand, Rocky VIII and the Girls an Angel. His success on the TV screen has made him the hot favorite in the corporate world, where his clients seek him for all their events. Constantly on the run, Haskel Daniel might just be performing in your city next. Watch out!