Jackie Loeb

Jackie Loeb is the heartthrob of standup comedy fans around the globe. She’s also an extraordinary actor, talented musician and singer, a cat lover, and a very sweet person.  Born in Australia, she has been performing standup acts since 1992 and has taken the whole world by storm. Apart from being a celebrity comedian in Australia, she is also widely acclaimed in Hollywood because of her award winning performance in Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Critics say she’s irresistible with her ‘psychotically sharp tongue’. It’s really hard to say whether she’s more beautiful or talented.

There was a time Jackie was washing cars, babysitting and doing odd jobs to keep her body and soul together. He life experiences gave her the kind of deep observation that would later help her in her career as a standup comedian. She began her career with musical comedy and was an instant hit because she brought her original brand  of  comedy  to  the  stage.  She  has  worked  very  hard  and  performed  extensively  at  some  of  the  most prestigious venues in Australia and worldwide.


Jackie Loeb specializes in character and observation comedy. She is calm, casual and confident when on stage and uses her mischievous, unnerving smile to disarm her audience before having them in stitches. She speaks clearly and calmly like she has all the time in the world and brings her audience to laughter and delight without fail. She has  hilarious  mimicry  skills  and  can  parody  famous musicians  like  Tracy  Chapman,  Bjork  and  others  withsidesplitting effects. Overall, her comedic style can be termed musical, and character comedy with elements from blue, black, and cringe genres.

Don’t expect Jackie Loeb to behave like a lady when she’s on stage. She is bold and cheeky and ventures into the forbidden territory at will. Despite all her fearlessness and audacity, she’s a charming person and very pleasing. That’s why she’s on the wish list of every event organizer in Australia. She’s has entertained and delighted all sorts of professionals, from miners to judges and from students to doctors and lawyers. Her celebrity status and good looks make her perfect for your event. Contact us to check her schedule and rates.


Jackie has performed in classical Australian TV shows Full Frontal and Good News Week. More recently, she has moved to America where she has brought the audience to thunderous gags in the 2014 Aspen Comedy Festival, Last Comic Standing and Hollywood Fringe. She has also tried her hand at writing and is the lead actor in the web series Play Date. Jackie has won several awards for her astounding standup performances. These include the ‘Best Comedy  Show’  at  the  2012  Hollywood  Fringe  Festival and  the  prestigious  MO  Award  for  ‘Excellence  in  Live Performance’.

She has also been an award winning Cabaret dancer and has won the Sorlies Cabaret Award at the 1998 Sydney Cabaret Convention. The Sydney Morning Herald places Jackie among the top 5 comics in Australia. And The Examiner calls her “non-stop funny”.