Jacques Barrett

Hot,  handsome,  and  hilarious,  Jacques Barrett  is  a fast  rising  Australian  comedian who  has  built  a reputation  of being a show stealer. His impeccable timing and high quality comedy make him popular wherever he performs. He is a bit of a globetrotter and gravitates back to Oz every few months. That’s the time when event organizers are all over him and he hardly has a free day when he’s not performing. Those who know him better book him months in advance for their comedy event  and  have  jam-packed rooms  thundering  with  laughter.  Contact  us  now  to check Jacques Barrett’s schedule and price.

Jacques has been performing standup comedy for 12 years. Prior to that, he was a bartender for almost 10 years. His years behind the bar counter have allowed him to observe human behavior and modern life up close, and he draws  from  his  collection  some  fresh,  juicy,  and  previously  unheard  comic  stuff  whenever  he’s  performing  on stage. He’s a scary judge of people and knows what will have his audience in stitches the moment he sets eyes on them.


Barrett’s comedy is original and unlike any other comic. Though his genre is observational and impressionistic, he carves his humor differently from other artists in these genres, thanks to his unusually sharp wit and extraordinary intelligence.  He  serenades  the  crowd  with  his  crisp  narrative  and  takes  them  on  a  joyride  of  entertainment  and laughter they could never have imagined. He is one of the most versatile and flexible comedians and can adapt to any kind of crowd and event quite naturally.

Jacques  creates  laughter  by  weaving  interesting  characters  into  modern  social  life  and  presenting  the outcome through his strong narrative skills. He is in the same league with some of the famous national comedians as far as the  depth,  quality  and  ingenuity  of  his  humor  are  concerned.  Apart  from  the  event,  Jacques  can  also  adopt  to different media types without breaking a sweat. He’s as confident and funny on TV and radio as he is on stage. A standup  comedian right down  to  his  soul,  Jacques Barrett is  a rising  star  with  a  brilliant  future  ahead.  Book  him while you can still afford him!


Jacques  spent  the last  year  and  a  half  touring  the world  and  spreading  laughs in  his  wake.  He  has  performed  in Southeast  Asia,  South  Africa,  Eastern  Europe  including  Romania,  Prague,  Croatia,  and  Estonia,  Helsinki,  Sweden, and  Switzerland.  He  has  also  performed  standup  in  the  UK  for one  full year.  He  has  complemented  his  standup career  by  appearing  on  numerous  TV  and  radio  programs,  which  have  made  him  a  recognized  comedian throughout the country.

His most  noteworthy media  appearances  include  Channel 9’s  late  night comedy  show Ralph  TV,  the  Footy  Show and  One  HD  sports.  He  is  a  talented  writer  and  his column  is  published  regularly  in  the  men’s  magazine  Zoo Weekly. He is in hot demand during comedy festivals where his name guarantees packed halls. Time Out Sydney calls Jacques Barrett “pretty damn impressive”.